The Railway Line That Divided Batman In Two Negatively Affects Vehicle Traffic

railway line negatively affects traffic
railway line negatively affects traffic

The railway line that divides Batman into two parts brings traffic to the halt in the city during the passage of freight and passenger trains. Vehicles waiting for minutes of the passage of the train, ambulance or fire trucks in case of problems in the case of traffic problems remain in mind as a question mark.


Batmansonsöz 'According to the news; Demiryolu The railway line that passes through the city of Batman and divides the city into two parts as the arka back side of the railway ”and the ön front side of the railway barındır contains possible risks. The freight train that stopped suddenly while moving on the railway line in the Akyürek neighborhood last day brought these risks back to the agenda.


As the freight train would pass, the iron barriers landed, the traffic stopped, the freight train started to cross the railway line. While the vehicles waited for minutes in traffic, the freight train stopped malfunctioning and long vehicle queues occurred on both sides of the railway line. Risks to be experienced in case of traffic ambulance or fire truck came up again. It is discussed that the railway line should be taken out of the city and a safe zone will be created in the vicinity, train accidents should be minimized and traffic problems should be eliminated.

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