President İmamoğlu Examines Harem Bus Station Abandoned to Destiny

President imamoglu examined the abandoned harem bus station to his fate
President imamoglu examined the abandoned harem bus station to his fate

İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu visited Harem Bus Station. Imamoğlu listened to the bus station and listened to the problems of the tradesmen and said, “We do not have to leave your destiny. Here, we will look at how to make the most valuable decision on behalf of the city. ”

Imamoglu moved to Kemerburgaz City Forest which he visited last September after 8 visit. Imamoglu made a statement to the members of the press after walking in the forest for a while and said, “We will start taking our citizens here from October on 16. In October, 29 Culture and Sports Inc. will organize various events. We will experience the geography of Istanbul. I will also be here. ”

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem Imamoglu, abandoned to the fate for years, both citizens and artisans complained to the Harem Bus Station visited the examination. IMAMOGLU was accompanied by IMM Secretary General Yavuz Erkut, Deputy Secretary General Murat Yazici, Orhan Demir, Murat Kalkanli and Mehmet Cakilcioglu.


Imamoglu, who received information from Kemal Kolaçoğlu, President of Harem Bus Station Tradesmen, about the latest status of the bus station, said: “Istanbul is seriously disturbed here. You tradesmen are unhappy here. Our tradesmen and citizens tell us the negativities here. Here, the knife is 'against the bone'. You will see very quickly will take the road. No worries. ”

Stating that the Harem Bus Station has completed its life, İmamoğlu said, “We will find a solution here. We don't have to leave your destiny. Here we look at how to make the right decision for the city. The Harem has completed its life. But it is a pity that this issue has been in such uncertainty for years. Therefore, our next goal quickly, again within your knowledge to create the most appropriate alternative here and share with you ”said.


Imamoglu moved to Kemerburgaz City Forest which he visited last September after 8 visit. Imamoglu, walking with the General Secretary of IMM, Yavuz Erkut and Ethem Piskin, the General Manager of Bogazici Management Co.

16 Imamoglu, who gave the good news that the citizens of Kemerburgaz City Forest will start to be taken as of October, said: yürüyüş At least trial walking areas and routes will be determined ”.

Am We will open a valuable area for the use of our citizens and protect it together ”, said İmamoğlu.“ 29 will organize various events for families here in October. Therefore, on October Republic Day, 29, we will experience the geography of Istanbul. I'm gonna be here. We want it to open as soon as possible. It will take on the burden of the Belgrade Forests and is much larger than the Belgrade Forests. ”


Noting that Kemerburgaz City Forest is a place in the center of the city, İmamoğlu said, “From TEM, it is in an area where you can easily reach the intersection on the road leading to Kemerburgaz and Göktürk. On the other hand, it is very close to Alibeyköy, Gaziosmanpaşa and Kağıthane regions. Even Esenler can be reached easily here. Moreover, we will support the public transportation on certain days. Another feature is a stop of Mecidiyeköy - Airport Metro Line and 2.5 kilometers from here. From there, we will put a ring bus service, which will turn into a green area where you can come and go as a family, do sports and breathe deeply in the city. A green area in the heart of the city with adventure areas, cruise areas. There are surprises we think about sports. We will meet with a large park to the community, Do he said.

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