Baku Kapikule High Speed ​​Railway Construction to Start in the near future

baku kapikule fast rail construction will start soon
baku kapikule fast rail construction will start soon

Accessibility of Passenger Transport Services in Turkey Project Erzurum Workshop Transportation and Infrastructure Minister came to the city to attend Mehmet Cahit Turhan, Erzurum visit the Governor's Office, the planned between Baku-Kapıkule fast iron the way he is approaching the end of their project work.

During his visit to the Governor's Office, the Minister Turhan was welcomed by the Governor Okay Memiş and his deputy governors. Minister Turhan, who then went to the office with the accompanying delegation, received general information about the city from the Governor Okay Memiş.

Okay Memiş Governor Turhan thanks to the work that the Minister for the planned speed railway construction in Turkey emphasized the importance; “Erzurum is also one of the cities where the fast railroad project between Baku, Tbilisi, Kars, Erzurum, Erzincan, Sivas, Ankara, Istanbul and Kapıkule passes. Project works on the fast railroad have reached the end stage. I hope we will start the construction of the fast railroad after the project is completed. In the developing, globalizing and shrinking world, the importance of this transportation infrastructure is understood even more as the amount of commercial movements passing over our country increases. This year, Azerbaijan, the Russian Federation, as Georgia and Turkey, Central Asia and our country via North Asia, Europe, the Mediterranean of ports and cargo will go to Africa have reached an agreement on the transportation via this railway line. Officials of the relevant states are meeting in Ankara. ”

The project will be held in Europe and Africa to transportation through Turkey to the realization describing Turhan, "The project is currently in our country per year 29,5 million tons of transport we made in rail with the realization of transit transport will pass our country come from abroad in the next year and 3 million tons next We are already planning to transport 5 million tons a year and 5 million tons in the next 17 years. This will be the transportation of goods to be marketed from our country to the world from Russia, Central Asia, North Asia and Siberia region. This subject is very important." said.


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