Freight Transportation with Trailer in Europe

in Europe tend to slip on railways
in Europe tend to slip on railways

The representatives of Helrom company that makes transportation in Europe and North America and the owner of Gökyapı company Nurettin Yıldırım visited TUDEMSAŞ General Manager Mehmet Başoğlu at his office and produced the trucks used in road freight transportation. exchanged views. Stating that Megaswing wagons provide great economic advantages, Helrom officials stated that yük freight transport on the road in Europe by trucks is evolving towards the transportation of truck trailers by rail cars yük.

Mehmet Başoğlu, the General Manager of TÜDEMSAŞ, stated that they are working to improve the product portfolio and informed the visitors about the stage of the production wagon. Gibi As with many projects, we are working with Gökyapı in this project. Gökyapı means TÜDEMSAŞ ”.

Representatives of Helrom stated that there is a tendency towards the transportation of truck semi-trailers used in road transport in Europe by saying “As Helrom, we are investing in freight wagons such as megaswing. If you look at megaswing wagon, even though expensive, the freight per kilometer with the transport of these wagons with the truck, the cost is cheaper than the road. In Europe for the use of these wagons, 30 have created different corridors. In this way, we will be able to transport the truck trailers to be transported over long distances more economically and more quickly. Land


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