Demolition Tender for Atatürk Airport

demolition tender for ataturk airport
demolition tender for ataturk airport

Demolition process at Atatürk Airport, which handed over all passenger operations to Istanbul Airport since April, starts with the tender of State Airports Authority (DHMİ).

The tender for the demolition, dismantling, transportation and removal from SAHA 1 and SAHA 2 and SAHA 3 of buildings such as Çelebi, Havaş and Sistem Lojistik on the cargo side of Atatürk Airport was launched. 10 was determined as October and 2 million 500 thousand TL was determined as the tender date.

According to Airport News, the area is planned to be demolished and the National Garden will be demolished.


1. Çelebi Ground Handling Inc., Havaş ve Sistem Lojistik Ltd. Şti. And the food and beverage area taken from Fahrettin Kerim Yurtbak with the buffet purchased from Fatma Yeliz Bıyık and Petrol Ofisi A.Ş. and Joint Facilities in the field of Reinforced Concrete Buildings, Fuel and Water Tanks and their pipe valves and other equipment and fittings equipment, tools, tools, tools, cutting, disassembling, lifting, transport and stacking vehicles, using the relevant procedures of Occupational Health and Safety, dismantling and Demolition, dismantling, transportation and removal from SAHA 1 and SAHA 2 and SAHA 3 by applying all transportation procedures will be tendered with open tender procedure at 2.500.000,00 TL (two-thousand and five hundred thousand Turkish Lira) including VAT.

2. Draft Contract and Tender Specifications for the service in question can be obtained from DHMİ General Directorate Marketing and Trade Department or Istanbul Atatürk Airport Head Office in return for 100.-TL (one hundred Turkish Lira) including VAT.

3.-Those who wish to participate in the tender shall submit a bid bond of 100.000,00.-TL (One Hundred Thousand Turkish Liras).

4.Applications for the service in question will be completed and submitted to DHMİ Istanbul Atatürk Airport General Directorate Document Unit on 08 / 10 / 2019 hours until 14: 00. Applications made after the specified date and time and applications made by post will not be accepted.

5.Applications of those who do not bring the required documents in error, inaccurate or on time will be deemed not to have been applied.

6. The petitions previously submitted to our Organization regarding the service in question are invalid.

7. Tender 08 / 10 / 2019 will be held on Tuesday at 14: 30 at Istanbul Atatürk Airport.

8.In this tender, our Company is not subject to the 2886 State Procurement Law and the 4734 Public Procurement Law and is free to make the tender.


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