Bike Rental Service Started for the First Time in Ankara

ankarada rented bicycle service for the first time
ankarada rented bicycle service for the first time

The bicycle rental application was started in the N 30 August Zafer Park ğı which was opened by the Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mansur Yavaş.

In the park, which is next to AŞTİ and started to be a stopover point for the citizens of the capital, the new 2 thousand 500 meter-long new bicycle path increased while each passing day, Metropolitan Municipality started to provide rental bicycle service for the first time.


Mayor Yavaş explained that they will implement the electric bicycle project with the 56 kilometer bicycle path in the capital and ordered the installation of apparatus for the transportation of bicycles in public transportation vehicles.

While accelerating the efforts to increase bicycle paths, 30 August Victory Park, which includes walking and jogging paths, offered “Bicycle Rental” service for citizens of all ages to use their bicycles safely and to do sports without carrying bicycles.


Metropolitan Municipality, aiming to spread bicycle as a means of transportation in the city, which is an environmentally and healthy means of transportation, introduced bicycles suitable for all age categories in 30 August Victory Park.

The fee tariffs of the bicycle rental service implemented by the Department of Environmental Protection and Control;


Hasan Muhammet Güldaş, Head of Environmental Protection and Control Department, stated that 30 August Zafer Park is the first park with special bicycle usage area and gave the following information:

M As it is known in this park, barbecues are forbidden and our citizens can have fun in a smoke-free park. This is our first park with a private bike area. We plan to increase the number and variety of bicycles in the future and to move to bicycle rental in other parks. Additional expansions and additional services within the park will be available in the coming days. ”


30 August Victory Park launched the başlat bike rental ”citizens are extremely satisfied with the application.

Coşkun Can Çankaya, who came to visit his daughters from Zonguldak, said that he had seen the park for the first time and said, “People are ruined in concrete in big cities. The bike path is beautiful. I am 60 and I am going to ride a bicycle. De Another citizen named Burcu Salantur said, olarak As people living in big cities, we are longing for open green spaces. Renting bicycles in the park is also an advantage because even though we have bicycles in our house, it is not possible to put them in the car and bring them..

One of the little visitors of the park, 10-year-old Eylül Defne Ödemiş, who says that she loves to use bicycles, said, “I can ride a bike without fear because there are no cars. I'm very happy to come here, I have a lot of fun.

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