Public Transport Fees Increased in Ankara! .. Here's New Hike Prices

ankara public transportation hike came
ankara public transportation hike came

📩 02/09/2019 11:37

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has increased public transportation fees in the capital due to increasing costs.

With the new regulation made for the sustainability of public transportation services based on the principles of effective, economic, efficiency and sustainability, the ANKARAKART fee was re-determined.

EGO buses, ANKARAY, Metro, Cable Car and Private Public Transportation (ELV) and Blue Private Public Bus (ÖHO) 2 New tariffs will be valid starting from 06.00 on Monday.


In line with the demand of private public transport operators, EGO General Directorate made income and expense calculations and made tariff changes in line with UKOME decision.

EGO General Directorate, which is expected to close the end of the year with an estimated loss of TL 630 Million, establishes a commission for a reasonable fee tariff, and between the years 2016-2019, the examination and research calculations made are as follows:

129 percent increase in natural gas prices,

30 percent increase in electricity prices,

- Increase in fuel prices was 44 percent,

- 283,54 percent increase in budget revenue expenditure aware due to the increase in cost items

173-2016 increase in car maintenance and repair operating expenses (2018-XNUMX)


The Commission report noted that there has been no increase for nearly three years and that the increase in all of these items has resulted in a mandatory adjustment, while the percentage of passengers entitled to free travel to all passengers rose to about 30.

In terms of sustainability of the system, minimum price adjustments were made and one out of three passengers benefited from the free travel right.

The new tariff rates set by the General Directorate of EGO have changed as follows:

-ANKarakart a boarding fee: 3 lira 25 penny,

-Use At Ticket a boarding fee: 4 TL,

- Boarding with Credit Card: 4 TL,

75 minute full ANKARAKART transfer fee, EGO buses, ANKARAY, Metro, Cable Car, ELT and ÖHO'lar 1 lira 60 penny, while discounted ANKARAKART transfer fee 75 penny was determined.


In line with the principle of social state Metropolitan Municipality continues to provide economic contribution to students, despite all the economic difficulties 1 lira 75 penny student discount tariff did not change.

For the first time, EGO General Directorate also decided to launch a new application that only students can benefit from. With the new application planned to be implemented in the coming days, students will be able to use EGO monthly subscription card with 200 boarding and 60 TL fee to be valid in the relevant month.


Transportation prices of the surrounding districts of Ankara were also raised. The new tariffs to be applied for transportation from the city center to the districts are as follows:

Kalecik-Ankara: 9.25 TL

Balâ-Ankara: 9.50 TL

Ayaş-Ankara: 7.25 TL

Kahramankazan-Ankara: 5.25 TL

Elmadag-Ankara: 4.75 TL

Cubuk-Ankara: 4.50 TL

Akyurt-Ankara: 4.25 TL

Hasanoğlan-Ankara: 4.25 TL

Lalahan-Ankara: 4.25 TL

Kizilcahamam-Ankara (EGO): 9.25 TL

Kızılcahamam-Ankara (Private): 11.75 TL

Ankara-Nallihan: 26 TL

Ankara-Polatli: 13 TL

Ankara-Haymana: 13 TL

Ankara-Çamlıdere: 15.75 TL

Ankara-Güdül: 15.75 TL

Ankara-Beypazari: 15.75 TL

Ankara-Universe: 26 TL

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