Ankara Istanbul YHT Passengers Stranded in Arifiye

yht passengers stranded on eve
yht passengers stranded on eve

Ankara Istanbul YHT Passengers Stuck in Arifiye. In the morning hours, 2 machinists lost their lives in Bilecik. kazanAfter the road closure, the train passengers making the Ankara-Istanbul expedition were transferred to buses by getting off the train in Bozüyük. Passengers who were told that they would go to Bilecik by bus were directed to Arifiye without any explanation. However, the journey turned into an ordeal when the bus drivers could not locate the station in Arifiye. Passengers who were supposed to be in Istanbul at 21.00 waited until 23.00 in Arifiye.

According to the news of Ali Ufuk Arikan from the Left News Portal; This morning, the guide train derailed from the tunnel within the boundaries of the village of Ahmetpınar in the center of Bilecik, and hit the wall.

A message was sent to the citizens traveling by train during the day after the accident by TCDD. “Due to road closure, your trip will be provided by bus transfer between Bozüyük and Bilecik. We kindly ask you to take into account the directions of our staff in the train and at the stations. ”After the message, the passengers started the journeys that turned into an ordeal for them.


Passengers traveling by train departing from Ankara Station at 17.00 were taken off the train in Bozüyük as conveyed in the message. However, despite the schedule that was announced hours ago, only 6 buses filled 3 passengers. After a while, the old passengers were seated in the chairs and a long bus and minibus were waited.

While the passengers thought that they would go to Bilecik after the arrival of the buses, the buses set off towards Arifiye without even communicating any change in the plan and without a single TCDD direction. Information was provided by vehicle drivers in the waiting area where TCDD officials were not present.

Buses did not find the station, someone's tire exploded

When the buses to Arifiye could not find the station, the journey took longer than usual, many vehicles searched for the station for a long time. When it arrived at 22.00, many vehicles reached the Arifiye station, and one of the vehicles was reported to have blown and that vehicle was expected to arrive. The train, which should arrive in Istanbul at 21.00, only departed from Arifiye at 23.00.

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