Renovation of the Anatolian Motorway

renovation work on the anatolian highway
renovation work on the anatolian highway

15 will be closed until 21.00-06.00 hours until October due to the superstructure repair and renovation works between Izmit East Junction and Adapazarı tolls on the Anatolian direction of the Anatolian Motorway.

According to a statement from the Governorate, Highways 1. Regional Directorate of the highway between the Gulf and Gümüşova intersection highway and connecting roads in the scope of the superstructure improvement and construction of major repair work between the Izmit East Junction and Adapazari tolls section continues.

Due to the works, the Anatolian Motorway İzmit-Adapazarı direction will be completely closed to traffic. The traffic flow will be directed to D-100 highway from Izmit East Junction and the Adapazari toll booths will be re-joining the motorway.

The work will be performed every day in the evening from 21.00 to 06.00 in the morning and will be completed at 15 on Tuesday in October. Until that date until the time in question will be closed to traffic at 06.00 highway, will be re-opened at 21.00 hours.


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