Where will the 3 Storeyed Big Istanbul Tunnel Pass? .. What is the Target of Transportation by Tunnel?

Where is the big Istanbul tunnels?
Where is the big Istanbul tunnels?

The 3 Storey Big Istanbul Tunnel will be built with a build and operate transfer model. Where are the routes of the 3 storey tunnel? What are the 3 Storey Big Istanbul Tunnels project? All and more in our news…

When the 3 folded tube gateway is completed, the Fig-Söğütlüçeşme will only be 40 minutes. This will even carry 6.5 million passengers per day. He will enter from Söğütlüçeşme from İncirli. The rail system going from İncirli to the underground will pass from Mecidiyeköy, Zincirlikuyu to the bottom of the sea, to enter Söğütlüçeşme and to Kadıköy-Kartal and Marmaray. The tunnel going from Hasdal on the European side to the underground will likewise unite with this tunnel, and after passing through the Anatolian side, it will exit Çamlık and connect to TEM. This will be an important advantage for cars in road transport, a much more important advantage in terms of rail systems. Marmaray, Halkalıfrom Gebze to all rail systems.


What's in the 3 Multi-Storey Istanbul Tunnel project?

The tunnel will pass under the Bosphorus and there will be both highway and railway in one tube. In the tunnel, there will be two lanes that are suitable for the transition to the middle and the lower and the wheel.


Where does the 3 Storey Big Istanbul Tunnel pass?

One pillar of the project at 3 level tube passage in Istanbul starts from Incirli and passes through the following districts and districts: İncirli, Zeytinburnu, CevizliBağları, Edirnekapı, Sütlüce, Perpa, Çağlayan, Mecidiyeköy, Gayrettepe, Küçükyalı, Altunizade, Ünalan, Söğütlüçeşme. The second leg is the Hasdal-Çamlık.


3 Multi-Storey Istanbul Tunnel with two sides between 40 minutes

The TEM Motorway will be integrated with the E-5 Highway, the Northern Marmara Motorway and the 9 metro line. After the construction of the building with the Build-Operate-Transfer model, the 5 will be reached in approximately 31 minutes on the European side, from Incirli on the European Side, to Söğütlüçeşme on the Anatolian Side and to the 14 station on the 40 kilometer. On the European side of Hasdal Junction, on the Anatolian side, Çamlik intersection will be passed by 14 minutes.


What will the 3 Storey Big Istanbul Tunnel gain?

Turkey's most populous city, Istanbul's most populous city, which will make a significant contribution to Istanbul's traffic 3 Floor Large Tunnel Istanbul, bears the distinction of being the world's first 3-storey tunnel. With the project, the Bosphorus will be crossed at one time, saving thousands of meters of tunnel construction cost and time. In addition, the 15 July Martyrs Bridge axle needs the tunnel tunnel, FSM Bridge axle needs the road tunnel will be combined, and will be crossed with a single tunnel. It is also of great importance in terms of providing road and metro transportation.

With which lines will the 3 Storey Big Istanbul Tunnel project be integrated?

Greater Istanbul Tunnel to be integrated into Marmaray, Basaksehir-Bagcilar-Bakirkoy, Yenikapi-Aksaray-Airport, Kabatas-Bagcilar, Topkapi-Habipler, Mahmutbey-Mecidiyekoy, Yenikapi-Taksim-Haciosman, Uskudar-Umraniye-Cekmekoy-Sancaktepe, Kadikoy-Kartal and Marmaray-Suburban.

How many minutes will it take to get to Istanbul in the 3 Multi-Storey Big Istanbul Tunnel project?

With the Great Istanbul Tunnel project, the 16 thousand 150 meters road line extending from the TEM Motorway Hasdal Junction to Ümraniye Çamlık Junction will be reduced to 14 minutes.

Great Istanbul Tunnel to Sabiha Gokcen Airport; 44 from Üsküdar, Rumeli Hisarüstü, Kağıthane, Taksim and Beşiktaş from 57, Hacıosman from 67 in minutes; Third Airport; 28 from Mecidiyeköy, 34 from Besiktas, 41 from Topkapi, 46 from Kozyatagi, 49 from Kadikoy; 27 from Mecidiyeköy, 47 from Hacıosman, 55 from Third Airport; 23 from Besiktas, 32 from Altunizade, 38 from Uskudar, and 43 from Kadikoy; 25 from Kadikoy, 55 from Tuzla, 59 from Habipler; 25 from Kagithane and 58 from Basaksehir will be reached in minutes.


What is the aim of transportation with the 3 Storeyed Big Istanbul Tunnel?

With the Great Istanbul Tunnel project, which will eliminate the damage to the fabric of Istanbul through the traffic on the earth, the annual greenhouse gases will decrease by 115 thousand tons and the volume of air polluting gases will decrease by 29 thousand tons. Istanbul traffic will be relieved without the need to use a new land.

What are the features of the 3 Multi-Storey Istanbul Tunnel project?

The Great Istanbul Tunnel project will connect the rail system and road under the sea. When the Great Istanbul Tunnel project is completed, 2 will be provided with a single tunnel instead of a separate tunnel. Instead of crossing the strait twice, there will be one pass. The depth of the tunnel on the sea surface will be 110 meters and 18.80 meters in diameter. The 3 Multi-Storey Big Istanbul Tunnel project will be constructed with the Build-Operate-Transfer model without the use of public resources. The Great Istanbul Tunnel project to be built with Build-Operate-Transfer model will cost 3.5 billion dollars.

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