Bursa Smart City Project Works Fruits

bursa-smart-city project-calismalari-the-fruit-giving
bursa-smart-city project-calismalari-the-fruit-giving

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which focuses on 'smart urbanism' investments in the projects that will carry Bursa in the future, has started to reap the fruits of its activities in this field. The Welfare Fund of the United Kingdom provided an 2 million pound grant to the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality's Smart City and Urban Transformation theme 3,2 within the scope of the “Cities of the Future” program.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which decisively took the steps that bring smart urbanism to the forefront from transportation to infrastructure, environment to superstructure investments, became the first Metropolitan Municipality to establish the Department of Smart Urbanism and Innovation, breaking a new ground in this field as well. In Bursa, which started the journey of "Smart City Bursa" in order to solve the problems of the city, increase the quality of life of the citizens, and use the resources effectively and efficiently, the work on the creation of a Smart City Strategy was started. With this vision, work started in July 2018 within the scope of the UK Welfare Fund's Future Cities program. In the first phase of the project, project texts were prepared with the program coordinator BM Habitat to implement the “Bursa Smart City Project” and “Sustainable Urban Transformation Model for Bursa” projects. Along with Istanbul and Ankara from Turkey, Bursa took part in the Welfare Fund given by the UK Government, which covers 1 countries and 10 cities in the world. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality is entitled to receive a grant of 19 Million Pounds (approximately 10 million TL) for 2 projects with the theme of Smart City and Urban Transformation from the 3,2 million Pound budget allocated for Turkey. kazanwas.

Smart apps coming

While the duration of the grant received is determined as 24 months, within the scope of smart city project; current situation analysis, vision, strategy and road map and smart city reference architecture works will be done. As an indicator of the feasibility of the project, smart city applications will be implemented on an important axis of the city. Pilot project; smart irrigation, smart lighting, smart waste management, smart stop, alternative and environmentally friendly transportation models (bicycle, scooter), IOT-based environmental audits.

Example city Bursa

Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktas, smart intersection applications, signaling optimization in the rail system, such as purely work to make the lives of the citizens of Bursa, he said. Mayor Aktaş stated that Bursa as a Metropolitan Municipality is continuing its activities in order to be a model city as a liveable, environmentalist, technological and green Bursa in the future and emphasized that Bursa will be shown as an example to the cities of the future.

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