The name of a station changes in Bursaray

The name of a station changes in scholarship
The name of a station changes in scholarship

It is not easy to change the names that are established among the people, but there is a necessity in this.

Because the name of one of the districts where the rail lines were divided into two was already a major shortcoming.

There is such a situation in many stops of Bursaray. Some have been added.

Now it seems that this will be corrected.

The September session of the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Council will meet again with the agenda of important decisions.

In the first session, which will start at 15.00 today at the Metropolitan City Hall, the name of Karaman Station of Bursaray is changed to Karaman-Hürriyet Station.

The demand from the Directorate of Transportation for the station to be named after the district on both sides of Mudanya Road is expected to be transferred to the Transportation Commission for examination. (İhsan Aydın - Olay)



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