Turkey's first and only Rally Raid Race was the last Find transanatoli Sanliurfa

The first and only half of the rally raid ended in Sanliurfa turkiyenin
The first and only half of the rally raid ended in Sanliurfa turkiyenin

Turkey's first and only, which is one of the world's largest and toughest Rally Raid racing transanatoli to 2019, 2 300 after starting 7 thousand-kilometer route from Bolu. The day ended in Şanlıurfa.

Turkey's first and only international Rally Raid organization, transanatoli to 2019, Abant from 48 motorcycle, 4 SSV, 3 ATV, 27 cars and 3 starting with trucks 2 thousand 300 kilometers culture and Turkey via a route full of history largest One of the cultural cities of Sanliurfa.

7's challenging courses have been completed on 30 day.


The Mayor of Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality Zeynel Abidin Beyazgül congratulated the athletes who met with the athletes who participated in TransAnatolia 2019. With the completion of the competition, the athletes performed demonstrations with their vehicles at the finish point. Graduates who gave awards to the President Beyazgül, made a statement here.

In his statement, President Beyazgül said, ardından After a long journey, we found that it was a race with love. We are very happy that such an organization is completed in Şanlıurfa. When we asked the guests whether Şanlıurfa was warm, our friends stated that they had seen such beauties for the first time in a different climate in a different climate. We are very happy to introduce our Sanliurfa in such beautiful organizations. We would like to thank Transanatolia team who contributed to the organization. The race started in Bolu and continued in Sanliurfa. We met with Transanatolia team in order to organize different organizations in this historical and beautiful city. I congratulate the athletes who were successful in the competition..

On the other hand, athletes who completed the competition, "Turkey is due to be pleased with this fine organization, the termination of this race in our history Sanliurfa We congratulate those who contributed a beauty," they said.

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