Mayor İmamoğlu Investigated at Bayrampaşa Bus Station Transferred to IMM

President imamoglu ibbye transferred to the bayrampasa bus station found reviews
President imamoglu ibbye transferred to the bayrampasa bus station found reviews

İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu made observations at Bayrampaşa Bus Station, whose operation was transferred to IMM after the parking lots. Imamoglu emphasized that the new owner of the bus station is IMM and shared the knowledge that the tradesmen will pay the rent to the institution. Answering questions from journalists, İmamoğlu asked the question about the meeting at Presidential Campus in Ankara Beştepe yesterday and said, “Communication is always good. These folks are going to talk. We're on that side. Someone may argue that a deal is better than a fight, but I'm someone who believes that you can talk, talk, talk, talk, talk. We'il talk, we'il talk persistently. We will compromise in favor of our nation without a fight. 82 is in favor of a million patriotic nations ”.

Ekrem İmamoğlu, the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), conducted examinations at Bayrampaşa 9 July Democracy Bus Station, which was transferred to ISPARK, the parking lot operation, and bus station activities in September, 15 September. Imamoglu met with great interest by citizens and craftsmen, listened to the problems of business owners. Stating that they took over the bus station 3 days ago, İmamoğlu stressed that they will take joint decisions at the common table for the solution of the problems. Imamoglu, who visited the basement floors of the bus station, which was previously brought up with its filth and dangerous environments, passed the cameras and gave the following information about his visit:

“The bus station 3 is managed by İBB for the whole day GÜN

“Today, I wanted to make a break at the bus station. Before the bus station, we received the parking part as İSPARK. Subsequently, we have also controlled the bus entrances and exits of the already contracted area. Currently, it is fully managed by IMM. It was checked out as of Monday evening. Today is the third day. At this moment, the parking lot and the bus entrance and exit of the bus station in Bayrampaşa are under our control. However, the work is not finished like this. Currently, there are bus companies, bus stations, gas stations and all such businesses belong to IMM. Our Directorate of Real Estate Expropriation is making a determination about this right now. With this determination, all the enterprises here must pay their wages to the IMM through ecrimisil (occupation compensation). In other words, all the tenants, the addressee of payments here is IMM. There is no deed here. This place is given as business. Now it has been transferred to IMM. Therefore, IMM is the owner, not anyone else. It is not a blessing, unlike tak 16 is to take over the right of million people. If you've done retroactive procedures, my friends will be researchers about them. IMM's Real Estate Expropriation Directorate will manage this process.


“We care about the process of moving this bus station to a new location. We will sit down and talk with them on behalf of the joint representatives of the sector representatives and the operating companies of this sector. And we will make a joint decision on where the new bus station will be for both Bayrampaşa and Harem. We will undertake the construction of these places. We can do this production by tender, as well as 'build-operate-transfer' method. We can build and operate it ourselves. We will not analyze this process on our own. The partner of this process is the representatives of this sector. We have a preliminary idea that this new bus station will be a center for science and education with the construction process. We will discuss this idea on the table. We will have designed the future of Istanbul in a holistic way in this sense. ”


Ek If we go back to the bus station, we will take the necessary measures for the proper management of the business under the control of this subsidiary, such as the Boğaziçi company, for the establishment of an upper roof institution in order to ensure the operation of this place in the most healthy manner. As of the scenery I see today, I have to put a deadline (time setting) in order to act much faster, such as cleaning the place and threatening elements here and moving the services such as temporary toilet. I'm a person who likes to schedule. We're in September now. At the end of October, I hope we will come here for a tour. After that date, I will come back to visit people here, with illuminated covered parking spaces, clean landscaping, where trades know where they pay their rent. In the meantime, the White Table was established here to find answers to many of our tradesmen's questions. We will make the White Table more equipped. All our tradesmen or our citizens entering and leaving here will be able to get all the concrete and clear information from the White Table. The friends there will be given the necessary training. I hope the end will be very nice. ”


Imamoglu, then answered questions from journalists. The questions asked by the journalists and the answers given by the IMM President were as follows:

Sounds related to İSPARK increased. If you include buses in and out, what will be the change?
- My friends are working. In the first place there is already a discount on buses. It was a discount. İSPARK'la regulation in Istanbul is already defined here. There are definitions about how much free it will be and then how it will be charged. All that works in parallel. But as I said, we are doing the work on the bus station again. Today we actually received the 3 day completely. Our tradesmen got hurt. People coming and going have problems about the process. I see it, but it's not possible that the 2-3 will make everything better every day. At the end of October, I give a date when all questions and problems are answered. By the end of October everything will be very nice.

Citizen: Will my president give rent by the end of October?
- Of course. The owner of this property is IMM. Your addressee is now the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. This is how the process works. Since IMM is the owner, your contact person is a person.


You had an important meeting yesterday. Mayors met in Beştepe. According to the backstage information, there is information about your seat. Can we listen to you? What happened there?
- The seat we're sitting in, it just broke. We kind of fell down, actually fell. Then we stood up. Mr. President, 'Did you waste' he said. I didn't hear 'pay for it'. I said, 'It's not wasted, the chair is broken, I don't have a problem with me. But whether the second chair we are sitting more robust 'I said. It was an interesting magazine. Of course, why the chair was rotten, why broken, the Presidency should investigate it. So either there's a malfunction in the chair firm or the one who's maintaining it.

Were you certain of your seats?
- There was a seating arrangement in alphabetical order. Yılmaz Büyükerşen was on my right and Tunç Soyer was on my left and the chairs were certain. We sat by the table layout.


Do you have a question mark in your mind?
- I never looked my way in life. I looked with good thought. Yesterday was a fruitful meeting. It was a good communication meeting. Of course it could have been better. Only the fully elected mayors could be there. Of course, there are some problems in the name of democracy. I'm not giving up on that. I wish there were those in our friends too. But despite everything, efficient communication is good. I hope he doesn't stay there, so he can continue. I'm looking this way. But if he's going to make a statement about the chair, let the people of the presidency do those responsible. Why was the chair. I don't know why his feet were inward.

“We will talk with insistence”

Whatsapp group was established?
- It's not set up yet. I don't know who's gonna build it either. As far as I know, the President of the Union of Municipalities makes the authority of the Ministry of Urbanization. he can undertake it. I do not know. Communication is always good. These folks are going to talk. We're on that side. Someone may argue that a deal is better than a fight, but I'm someone who believes that you can talk, talk, talk, talk, talk. In that way, I have a way of action and a way of life. I'm still there. We'il talk, we'il talk persistently. We will compromise in favor of our nation without a fight. 82 million favor patriotic nation.


There was a price change in Halk Ekmek's packed products today. Do you have any explanation for him?
- Some special products raise. No raise for a long time. We want to serve. In particular, we decided not to raise the items consumed intensively. But it was decided that some other special products or a number of special products could be increased. He was going to be implemented these days. I asked the list. But as I said, we don't have a hike for normal bread.


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