Chairman Soyer Pedals with Visually Impaired Individuals

President Soyer pedals with visually impaired individuals
President Soyer pedals with visually impaired individuals

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyermet with the Co-Pedal Association, which operates in the field of disability rights, in order to support sustainable transportation policies during the European Mobility Week.

As part of the "European Mobility Week" of the Co-Pedal Association, a two-person bicycle (tandem) event was organized for the "companion" of disabled and non-disabled individuals. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor attended the event. Tunç Soyer also joined. Minister Tunç Soyer and Eşpedal Chairman of the Board Saldıray Altındağ pedaled from İzmir Konak Square to Cumhuriyet Square on two-seater bicycles.

EU Delegation to Turkey Head of Press Information and Communication Unit Maria Kanellopoulou also took part in the cycling cortege. Minister Tunç SoyerSaldıray Altındağ, Chairman of Eşpedal Board of Directors, thanked Eşpedal. Altındağ explained that the event emerged from the idea of ​​​​cycling visually impaired individuals with these bikes, which are called “tandem” and designed for two people to cycle in coordination. Altındağ said, “We organize urban and intercity tours by bringing our cyclist friends who are capable and responsible and our visually impaired friends together on tandem bikes within our association. We experience nature together by carrying out camping tours”. Stating that such events make him very happy, President Soyer said, "We will organize a more comprehensive event as soon as possible."

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