Diyarbakır Intercity Bus Terminal Entrance Problem Solved

Diarbakir intercity bus terminal problem is being solved
Diarbakir intercity bus terminal problem is being solved

Governor of Diyarbakir and Diyarbakir Metropolitan Mayor V.Hasan Basri Guzeloglu, Diyarbakir Intercity Bus Terminal Operations (DTITI), which is planned in violation of traffic rules, will be reorganized and stated that the entrance will serve the public.

Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality, which gives great importance to the complaints and demands of citizens and produces solutions without wasting time, is renewing the entrance of Diyarbakır Intercity Bus Terminal Enterprises (DİŞTİ) which is planned in contradiction with traffic rules and causes accidents. Mr. Güzeloğlu, who met with the heads of department about the complaints of the citizens, Mr. Hasan Basri Güzeloğlu, the Governor of Diyarbakır and the Mayor of Diyarbakır, gave instructions for the re-planning of DİŞTİ entrance and making the necessary arrangements. Following the planning, Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality Road Maintenance and Infrastructure Coordination Department teams started their work. The work will be done in the field with the newly appointed Provincial Police Chief Şükrü Yaman Mr. Guzeloglu, made a statement about the work to be done.

Stating that the citizens started the projects in order to solve the issues that the Diyarbakır Governorate and the Metropolitan Municipality waited and conveyed, Mr. Güzeloğlu said, uz We produce solutions within the framework of the problems conveyed to our citizens. There was a very important problem in the connection road in front of the bus station. There was a problem that prevented direct access to the bus station, made it difficult for our citizens to enter and exit, and as everyone knew, there was an inconvenient return to traffic rules, risk and inconvenience. This issue was conveyed to me by our citizens. We have immediately instructed the relevant department of the Metropolitan Municipality on the solution of the matter. With the project that has been produced today, we will realize a project that is both convenient in terms of traffic rules and facilitates access and provides access comfort with the works started today. When we look at it today, our project does not currently have direct access to the bus terminal. Since our ongoing line does not include a connection, access is through a reverse turn, contrary to traffic rules. ”

Pointing out that there have been losses of life and property in the past and many traffic accidents, Mr. Güzeloğlu said, “Now we will start a project that provides a very pleasant transportation and access in terms of traffic safety and traffic safety in terms of traffic rules including the connection from the main road to the bus station. . The landscapes of the site integrity will be completed with the project. I hope that both the main road and the connection to the bus terminal will be provided access to the rear road continues. Konu

Noting that the bus stations are the face of the cities and a promotional showcase, Mr. Güzeloğlu said: başlat We recently started a cleaning that has not been done in the bus station for many years. We will also start an ambitious project next year in our bus station, which is the face of cities and a kind of showcase that serves the human density like the bus station. As we already know many shortcomings, 2020 investment program will provide the physical infrastructure of the bus station, ventilation, air conditioning infrastructures and all the establishments that serve there in this sense. It will be a very ambitious project involving both the integrity of the area and the landscape that will ensure that all our citizens meet with the most qualified service. Before the 2020 project, we will complete this connection within a few days from now. We will be able to provide secure access no later than 1 weeks. ”

Expressing that they are making an intense effort to meet and serve all the demands of the citizens, Mr. Güzeloğlu said, “We are in an intense effort to meet all the demands and expectations of our citizens immediately, which I will underline again. All the resources of the Metropolitan Municipality have been lost behind.

considering the time periods, we use it very quickly for the purpose of making life easier for our citizens. I wish the works starting today will be beneficial. I would like to thank all of our brothers and sisters who have contributed to all our engineers and officials of our municipality and wish it to be beneficial for everyone ”.

Following the speeches, teams connected to Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Road Maintenance and Infrastructure Coordination Department started to work by demolishing the sidewalks in front of DİŞTİ.

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