800CK Line Expires

ck line expires
ck line expires

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality TransportationPark A.Ş. 800C, 800K 8 ends in September. Weekend 800K, 800C line code and 800CK weekday code that provides citizens access to the blue-flag beaches, 8 in September, closing the season by making the last time. Citizens who want to go to the sea fondly preferred bus 800CK, this year in total 100 thousand 459 passengers managed to reach the blue flag beaches.


The 800CK line stands out as one of the longest lines. The bus, which provides direct access to the blue flag beaches of citizens, has covered a total of 268 thousand 932 kilometers. This year, the bus lines that transported to the beaches by providing transportation services to 100 thousand 459 people were able to gain appreciation and appreciation by the public.


With the 800K weekend and 800CK lines on weekdays, the bus preferred by the women who want to go to the mica beach is very popular. Buses that come to the forefront with non-transference, became the first choice of citizens who want to go to the women's beach.

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