China's 600 Kilometer Speed ​​Maglev Train Engine Introduced

Introducing the Maglev Train Engine of 600 Kilometers in China
China's 600 Kilometer Speed ​​Maglev Train Engine Introduced

China's 600-kilometer-speed Maglev Train Engine Introduced: China's 600 km-per-hour maglev train, which is the core parts of the "linear motor" and "electromagnet" was introduced at the launch yesterday.

The assembly of the high-speed maglev train (air moving with the help of magnetic lifting force) produced by Zhuzhou Motor of CRRC Group was completed in May in 23 in Qingdao.

High-speed trains currently in service in China can reach a maximum of 350 kilometers per hour. Airplanes travel at 800-900 kilometers per hour. The maglev trains, which will travel at 600 kilometers per hour, are expected to fill the speed gap between the high-speed train and the aircraft.

The linear motor developed by the Chinese company allows the maglev train to increase its speed to 600 kilometers per hour in a short time and consistently.

New China Maglev Train Video

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