Target 3,5 Million Tons Production in KARDEMİR

million tons of production in Kardemir
million tons of production in Kardemir

Founder of Republic of Turkey, the Great Leader Mustafa the Kemal Ataturk launched the "National Industrialization Drive" scope, April 3, 1937 Date of the then Prime Minister İsmet İnönü basis by the expelled KARDEMİR, Fatma is the first blast furnace September 9, 1939 Date of fired and the first Turkish Iron 10 It was produced in this blast furnace in September 1939, exactly 80 years ago. The remaining 80 years of liquid raw iron production of KARDEMİR reached 51,5 million tons.

First Turkish Iron Produced Today Years ago
First Turkish Iron Produced Today Years ago

World crude steel production is recorded as 1937 Million tons in 135 in which KARDEMİR's foundations were laid and 1939 million tons in 137 where KARDEMİR started production. Turkey has produced tons of liquid Hamdemir and this year has been the total liquid production 10 pig production.

We left behind in the global steel sector 2018 1 808 million billion tons, 37,5 million tons of Turkey, Kardemir has realized the 2 413 thousand million tons of crude steel production.

April 3 1937 historic KARDEMİR finds life a shovel mortar laid the foundation, 82 years after transforming a large work will boast all of us today, Turkey 8 the world today, while the European 2. It has become the largest steel producer.

In this great development of our country, every Karabük of undoubtedly has labor and sweat

On this occasion, the late Prime Minister İsmet İnönü, who put the first mortar on the foundation, especially Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, who provided the establishment of KARDEMİR in Karabük as the most important building block of our national industrialization move, came from all over our country and founded the Karabük Iron and Steel Works. We thank everyone who contributed to the survival of our people with labor and forehead. We still sincerely salute all our employees who are still on the forehead and sweat to carry the flags of their ancestors.

KARDEMİR today 23 in the ranking of the largest industrial enterprises of Turkey. is ranked.

KARDEMİR has increased its production and diversified its products with investments over 2010 Billion $ especially after 1,3.

Railway rails and heavy sections production in Turkey is the only national brand

Mass production will be started in our Railway Wheel Production Facilities which is one of the strategic investments of our country in the coming months. Thus KARDEMİR, producing railway wheels in integrated until finished goods from the ore facilities not only in Turkey, the world will be among the few manufacturers, as well as the rail with TCDD the rail mobilization in Turkey will further strengthen the strategic cooperation.

Çubuk Kangal In our facilities, especially automotive, furniture, white goods, defense industry, such as the manufacturing industry needs for the production of high-skilled steel production continues. KARDEMİR will not only contribute to the economy of our country with high value-added products, but will also serve to increase the advanced technological products in our exports.

The main objective determined by the Board of Directors of KARDEMİR is to increase the production capacity to 3,5 million tons. Investments initiated at the meltshop will be completed at the end of the year and will reach 2,9 million tons capacity and will be one step closer to the target.

Both the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and Karabük Municipality KARDEMİR have commenced their environmental investments.

As it is known, KARDEMİR has implemented very important social responsibility projects to meet the social needs and expectations. The facility, which is known as the Engineers Club in the neighborhood of Yenişehir, continues to be restored by the Kardemir Museum and the Yenişehir Cinema as a theater and cultural center. Restoration projects have been prepared for both facilities and the preparation of exhibition projects for the museum is continuing. The construction of Yenişehir cinema as a theater and cultural center is in the process of approval.

KARDEMİR, 100, the establishment of the Republic of Turkey with its strategy of achieving financial and technically sustainable success with its well-established industrial culture and visionary perspective, providing team diversity, product variety with high added value products, increasing service quality and efficiency, occupational health and safety and environment-oriented approach. 2023 will continue to contribute to its targets.

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