3. İzmir Gulf Festival Begins with Sailing Races

izmir korfez festival started with sailing races
izmir korfez festival started with sailing races

İzmir Gulf Festival, which took stage for the third time this year, started with colorful images. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer played the first whistle of the first of the races that added excitement to the festival. President Soyer, who participated in the races with the Cygnus boat, whose entire team is composed of only female racers, gave ambitious messages.

İzmir Gulf Festival which has been followed with great interest for three years and the races that add excitement to the festival started. İzmir with Arkas Gulf Race Karşıyaka In addition to the sailing races hosted by the Sailing Club, the Gulf of Izmir was feasted with canoe and rowing races. Competition within the scope of the festival started with canoeing races where Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer played the starting whistle. The Gulf Festival will end with races on Sunday.

Izmir Gulf Festival will be international

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey Sailing Federation, Cesme Marina Aegean Offshore Yacht Club (EAYK) held a press conference at the Pergamon Vapuru before Arkas Izmir organized in collaboration with the Gulf Racing. In the meeting attended by Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer, Arkas Holding Deputy Chairman Bernard Arkas and Ege Açıkdeniz Yacht Club President Akif Sezer, the works for the international organization of İzmir Arkas Gulf Race, which is the main event of the festival, were emphasized next year.

47 boats, approximately 400 sailors, 160 kayakers and 160 athletes from the centreboard participate in the races. Expressing that it is a very nice day for İzmir, Metropolitan Mayor Soyer said that he was excited because he would personally participate in the races. Stating that she preferred to compete with women racers in order to encourage women to do sports and to encourage more women to sail and to draw attention to the subject, Soyer continued: We want the Gulf to be filled with such sailboats every day, not just 3-4 days. I believe that this festival will contribute greatly to our goal and that we will reach our goal in a few years. If this happens, I also think that the city will develop economically. We are making this festival international next year. We will continue to grow this story steadily and resolutely. ”

This is not just a festival

Underlining that sailing should not only remain as a sport for those living on the beach, Tunç Soyer said, “We have to ensure that children in the back streets meet with the sea. We all have a job. The more we can bring those children to the sea, the sailing, the more we will increase the prosperity of the city. We don't just look at this as a festival, ”he said.

Bernard Arkas, Arkas Holding Vice Chairman of the Board, said, “We share the same dreams with our dear president and the Sailing Federation. I believe that we will overcome all the obstacles we face with such a compatible team. We will be in surprise with you next year. I'm very excited, I'm very happy. This race is very important for me because we live in Izmir for a few days, which we want to see in the future. We see sails, people doing sports at sea, canoes, children. My dream is for my children and their children to live together in the gulf like in Europe; seeing the sailboats when they raise their heads. I hope that these races are more frequent, the bay is filled with people who sail not only for racing but also for pleasure. This requires increasing the mooring points for sailboats in the city. Then we will have the opportunity to invite foreign boats here and to sail in and around the Bay, while also promoting Izmir and its surroundings. This way our supporters Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey Sailing Federation EAYK and sailors come here to thank you very much tinting the gulf, "he said.

EAYK President Akif Sezer stated that they are taking action to move the festival to an international dimension and said that they aim to move important championships in this field to İzmir.

President Soyer also sailed

There was a surprise competitor this year in the İzmir Arkas Gulf Race, in which dozens of yachts competed. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer was among the teams participating in this challenging race. Chairman Soyer, who joined the team to support the Cygnus boat, which consists of all women racers, said: kazanHe said they would do their best to make it happen.

Visual feast in the Gulf

The races within the scope of the İzmir Bay Festival can be traced along the coastline extending from Alaybey to Bostanlı Ferry Port, from Gundogdu Square to Alsancak Ferry Pier, Konak Pier and Konak Ferry Pier and from the Alaybey to the Bostanlı Ferry Pier. The people of İzmir announce the festival event to the world by sharing the color photographs of İzmir and Körfez on social media with the # İzmirPupaYelken label.

The champion will be announced on Sunday

The winner of the Izmir Arkas Bay Race will be announced on Sunday, September 29, after a two-day tough fight. The champions trophy will be taken from the hands of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer and Arkas Holding Vice President Bernard Arkas at the Historical Gas Gas Factory. The festival will end with the closing ceremony to be held the same evening.

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