Half of the Guaranteed Vehicles Passed the Osmangazi Bridge in 3 Years

osmangazi bridges half of the year guaranteed vehicles
osmangazi bridges half of the year guaranteed vehicles

It was reported that 2016 million vehicles passed through the Osmangazi Bridge in a 2019-year period covering July 3 and June 22. There are 14 million 600 thousand vehicles (3 million 43 thousand vehicles in 800 years) for the bridge.

According to the news of Diken, General Directorate of Highways, CHP Deputy Chairman Honorary Adıgüzel'in, build-operate-transfer model to the Gazi Gazi Bridge CIMER'e responded to his application.

The response was as follows: “Gebze-Orhangazi-İzmir (Including Izmit Bay Crossing and Connection Roads) Motorway Build-Operate Transfer Project; 1 where Osman Gazi Bridge is located. The traffic guarantee of the segment is equivalent to 40.000 cars / day. 2016 From July to June 2019 has passed the total 22.306.468 automobile equivalent vehicle. ”

In the build-operate-transfer model projects, contracts with the operating companies have commitments such as daily or annual vehicle transfers or the number of patients. If these commitments cannot be met, the government pays the operator for the difference. The payments are made in foreign currency since the guarantees given are indexed to foreign currency.

'Out of the citizen's pocket'

Adıgüzel CHP, reminding that the state's payments to the operating companies are provided with taxes from citizens, said: “In response to the number of passes, months, years and vehicle types are not given according to the amount paid to companies can not make a net calculation. However, on the date of the opening of the bridge requested for a car 88.75 TL, even though we do not pass a rough account of every citizen Osman Gazi Bridge 23.26 pounds at least for his pocket was paid. ”

Finally, last March, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge (3 bridge) and Osman Gazi Bridge 2018 year guarantee for the transition to private companies at least 1.76 billion pounds was announced to be paid.

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