2 in Public Transport in Ordu. Term started

military public transport period began
military public transport period began

2 of the Public Transportation Rehabilitation Project started by Ordu Metropolitan Municipality in Altınordu district. stage was implemented. Citizens underlined that thanks to the studies made the comfort of public transport, because of this work Ordu Mayor Dr.. Mehmet Hilmi thanked Güler.


Within the scope of the project initiated in Altınordu district, 38 vehicle suitable for disabled access has started to work today within the scope of the decisions taken in order to work interchangeably between Uzunisa, Karacaömer, Yıldız and Eskipazar cooperatives.

Launched in the district of Altinordu by the Metropolitan Municipality of Ordu and 2. The “Public Transportation Rehabilitation Project ği, in which the stage work was implemented today, received full marks from the citizens. Citizens who are satisfied with the service provided, Ordu Mayor Dr.. Mehmet Hilmi thanked Güler.


GPS modules to be placed in vehicles and vehicles' location, speed, information such as Transportation Control Center (TUM) will be transferred. Buses will be tracked on satellite imagery in real time or in a historical and time interval and digital transcriptions of the displayed vehicles will be taken. Thanks to the vadilator clocks that work in harmony with the main server, driver operation information will be received in real time. The call center will serve 7 / 24. In addition, payments can be made with the ORDUM Card as in other city minibuses.

2 of Public Transportation Rehabilitation Project. 81, 81-A, 82, 83, 84, 84-A, 86, 87 and 88 lines will serve the citizens on the routes determined within the scope of the stage.

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