14 New Project to be Introduced in Defense Industry

new project will be introduced in defense industry
new project will be introduced in defense industry

The new showcase of the defense industry The International Military Radar and Border Security Summit - MRBS, 2 is preparing to open its doors in October. 10 new project of domestic and national defense industry, which aims to grow 55 billion dollars in next year, will be exhibited for the first time in MRBS

Under the auspices of the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of National Defense, Defense Industry Presidency, Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) and Ankara Governorate supported by the support of MUSIAD Ankara 2. The International Military Radar and Border Security Summit (MRBS) was introduced to the public at a meeting.

MUSIAD Ankara President Hasan Basri Acar made important statements about MRBS, which will take place at Hilton Garden Inn Ankara on October 2 - 3.

Press conference; MUSIAD Ankara Sector Boards and Business Development Vice President A. Bahaddin Meral, MUSIAD Ankara Defense Industry and Aviation Sector Board Chairman Fatih Altunbas and MUSIAD Ankara Press, Broadcast and Media Sector Board Chairman Burhan Varol also participated.

Intense interest in MRBS caused 2,5 growth

MUSIAD Ankara President Hasan Basri Acar, who stated that they are on the road to discuss the priority issues in the sector's agenda in the field of military radar and border security, to ensure the display of the latest technology products and to bring the producers and decision makers together, to increase the commercial power of the sector in domestic and foreign markets, 2,5 compared to the year they have expanded into a major platform of defense industry announced. Opens; Uz We would like to thank our Minister of Interior Mr. Süleyman Soylu for his support, meyen he said.

Sector 10 to grow 55 billion dollars annually

Stating that Ankara represents 80 of the defense industry, Hasan Basri Acar announced that they will bring together all sides of the sector in the Capital City with a summit focused on military radar and border security, which constitute the highest priority issues of our country in the field of defense industry. Acar emphasized that the defense industry would record a growth of approximately 10 billion dollars in the next 55 year but it should increase its exports for this purpose. Acar said that MRBS provides a suitable basis for exports through bilateral trade negotiations and that such activities should increase.

14 comes from the domestic project

Acar emphasized that important domestic and national defense industry projects will be introduced at the summit. Acar, 14 new project of many sector leading companies such as ASELSAN, DEKOM, STM, HAVELSAN, Turaç, Scandium, HTR, FNSS, Nurol Makine, METEKSAN and National Defense stressed.

S-400 will be discussed for the first time in MRBS

Stating that the reason why the S-400 missile system, which is one of the hot agenda of our country, is accepted as the most successful air system in the world, is the radar, Acar said that the radar system of S-400 will be discussed in MRBS as an official environment for the first time in our country. Explaining that S-400's radar does not need to be on its side and it is not possible to detect it, Acar said, S S-400, a ghost air defense system, will not allow ghost planes to walk around our borders. We would like to express our gratitude to all the officials, especially Hulusi Akar, Minister of National Defense, who made great efforts in bringing this system to our country. ”

Foundations of Turkish-Afghan cooperation will be laid in defense industry

Stating that they have strengthened the international dimension of the Summit this year, Acar stressed that an important delegation from Afghanistan will participate in the Summit. Acer, Afghanistan Presidential National Security Council, who represented the Ministry of Defense, public administrators, the private sector and indicated the future of a special delegation to Turkey to MRBS representing the university. Explaining that they expect trade and economic cooperation between the two countries to move to the defense industry, Acar stressed that possible cooperation potentials between the two countries will be discussed.

The sector is waiting for grants and support

Acar also mentioned the problems on the agenda of the sector, as a country that produces more final products, said that we need a domestic defense industry company. Acar also called on our country to invest in defense industry for businessmen with certain potential. He explained that they expect the bureaucratic legislation on grants and support to be reduced in order for the sector to reach a position that will meet the needs of all friendly and allied countries, especially our country. Acar underlined that due to the unique structure of the defense industry, increasing the exports of the companies under the government guarantee was of critical importance.

Costs bending the waist of the sector

Acar, defense industry in the field of products produced by testing the serious costs, touching on this issue, foundation companies come together with the support of the state to provide test centers will provide cost advantage, he said.

Acar emphasized that the qualified personnel is the biggest exam of the defense industry, the needs of industry, universities and public cooperation on this issue should be identified and appropriate training programs should be created urgently, he added. Acar, defense industry professionals will want to work in Ankara and Anatolia to create a business environment by the company's owners and managers is also important to attract more qualified personnel to the sector, he said.

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