World's Largest Container Ship MSC Gülsün Completes Its First Voyage

world's largest container ship msc gulsun completed its first voyage
world's largest container ship msc gulsun completed its first voyage

📩 30/01/2021 15:19

Diego Aponte, the boss of MSC, the world's second largest container line operator, married to Ela Soyuer Aponte, the daughter of Asyaport Chairman of the Board of Directors Ahmet Soyuer, named the world's largest container ship, his mother-in-law GÜLSÜN SOYUER, which he launched last month.

MSC Gülsün, owned by the Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), built by Samsung Heavy Industries, with a length of 399,9 meters, a width of 61,5 meters and a carrying capacity of 23 thousand TEU, has been recorded as the world's largest container ship.

MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company announced that the world's largest container ship, MSC Gülsün, has arrived in Europe after completing its first voyage from the north of China.

MSC Gülsün is the first of its new class of 2019+ TEU * vessels to be added to MSC's global maritime network in 2020-23.000, the world leader in shipping and logistics.

Built in South Korea at Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) Geoje shipyard, MSC Gülsün sets a new standard in container transportation, especially in terms of environmental performance.

Approximately 400 meters long and 60 meters wide, MSC Gülsün has a record-sized capacity for a container ship: 23.756 TEU. Larger ships generally emit less CO2 per container transported, helping companies transporting goods between Asia and Europe at MSC's services to reduce the carbon footprint of their supply chains.

As a family group with a strong maritime heritage, MSC reaffirms its commitment to invest in the world's largest and busiest trade routes with the arrival of MSC Gülsün and 10 other vessels in this class.

The ship is equipped with more than 2.000 refrigerated containers, increasing the trade of food, beverages, pharmaceuticals and other refrigerated and frozen products between Asia and Europe.

Innovative engineering

This new class has been designed with a wide range of environmental, efficiency, stability and safety issues in mind.

MSC Gülsün takes a remarkable approach to energy efficiency with its bow shape designed to increase energy efficiency by reducing hull resistance. State-of-the-art engineering provides lower fuel consumption by minimizing wind resistance.

Ocean container shipping is currently one of the most environmentally friendly methods of cargo transportation and produces lower CO2 emissions per unit transported than other types of freight transport such as aircraft, trains, trucks or barges.

MSC Gülsün's improved energy efficiency and fuel economy enable MSC to progress towards meeting the international 2030 environmental policy targets set by the UN International Maritime Organization (IMO) on time and builds on a 2 percent improvement in CO13 emissions per ton of cargo transported. It was held in the MSC fleet between 2015 and 2018.

To comply with an upcoming marine fuel regulation in 2020, the ship is also equipped with a UN IMO approved hybrid Exhaust Gas Cleaning System and has the option to switch to low-Sulfur fuel or adapt to liquefied natural gas (LNG). in the future.

Safety first

Ensuring crew and cargo safety is MSC's # 1 priority. This new class of ship is equipped with a 3D hull condition assessment program as well as dual hull protection around the engine. To further increase the safety of seafarers on board and to protect cargo carried on the entire deck of the ship, a new double tower fire suppression system with high capacity pumps was installed.

MSC Gülsün, with its 10 sister ships, has been designed to take the next steps in digital maritime. Providing fast data transfer to shore and connectivity for smart containers helps to make the shipping experience more transparent, safe and reliable for our customers.

SHI will deliver six of the new class ships, while Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering (DSME) is building the other five in South Korea.

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