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Pirelli Training Tire Training
Pirelli Training Tire Training

In the first 2019 month of the 6, Pirelli, the leader of the premium tire segment, has trained more than 400 employees including dealers, business partners and employees in Adana, Ankara, Bursa, Istanbul, Izmir, Izmit, Kayseri, Sakarya and Sanliurfa. 2180 gave hours of training.

Participants Pirelli's Director of Education Bronze Erzurumluoğl by tire market and the development of global and local information about the tire technology and use as well as Pirelli Turkey, Pirelli's prestige and premium location and range of products in the automobile brand, was informed about new products and homologation for. Trainings were also given to employees and dealers to identify and manage customer needs, sales techniques, customer satisfaction and loyalty. In addition, the trainings given to the authorized dealers operating in the Wholesale Channel include the needs and management of sales teams, commercial customer management, online b2b dealer management and requirements, sales development, the importance of logistics / service services, customer follow-up and the tips of creating loyal customers. took.

Pirelli and Doğuş Oto Training Project

Within the scope of elli Pirelli and Doğuş Oto Training Project ”, Doğuş Oto trainings were given at 6 authorized service points in Çankaya and Etimesgut in Ankara, Maslak in Istanbul, Esenyurt, Kartal and Kocaeli Gebze. Trainings for Doğuş Oto's authorized services in Istanbul were organized as a separate group of 2. In addition, a one-day Pirelli factory visit was held in Izmit during the authorized service trainings of the company in Istanbul. Within the scope of “Pirelli and Doğuş Oto Training Project aşkın, more than 100 participants received training. in Education; SSH executives and service consultants who worked at Doğuş Oto General Directorate and authorized services were hosted. Furthermore, Pirelli authorized dealers and sub-dealers in Kayseri, Ankara and Bursa were entertained in the trainings within the scope of 'Pirelli League', which is a name given to Pirelli's authorized dealers by the dealers. 12 person participated in Pirelli League Training, the first of which was organized by Yaşar Oto in Ankara on 50 March, and 19 person participated in the second Pirelli League Training held in Kayseri in March. The third Pirelli League Trainings took place in Bursa in April under the leadership of Maresen Otomotiv. On the other hand, the “Tire Campus Training Center en, which undertook important tasks in raising Pirelli's relationship with consumers and awareness on tires, continued to host sector stakeholders in various trainings in the first half of the year.

Elli Wholesale Sales Techniques olan trainings, which are the continuation of Pir Retailing Techniques Trainings Pir organized by Pirelli with retailers last year, were completed with the participation of 30 people from 45 dealers in Adana, İzmir, Istanbul and Ankara. 2 16 sales team from Pirelli took part in the day-long training sessions.

Pirelli's first domestic manufacturer of tires in Turkey

In the 1960 started its activities in Turkey with global tire giant Pirelli factory in Izmit established, it made its first domestic tire production in Turkey in 1962. "Factory of Champions" is known as the first tire production plant in Turkey, producing different types of racing tires for over 2007 from 400 since motor sports.

Pirelli, who has been passionate about motor sports for more than 110 years, has contributed to the 5 continent over 340 championship and 2 thousand 200 automobile and motorcycle races. Pirelli, who has been involved in motor sports since 1907, will continue to be the only official tire supplier for the FIA ​​Formula One ™ World Championship since 2011 to 2023 with a renewed contract. Pirelli, a company that especially cares about young minds, continues to support the development of motor sports and transfer them to future generations as the only tire supplier of the World Junior Rally Championship (JWRC).

Over 3.000 OEM approval worldwide

Pirelli, the only company focused solely on consumer tires (automobiles, motorcycles and bicycles), develops tires with 145's long-standing experience and has more than 3.000 homologations thanks to its cooperation with the world's most prestigious car manufacturers. Continuing its research and development commitment to provide superior performance and safety and low environmental impact, Pirelli has dedicated 2018 to R & D investments in 6,1 as a percentage of its high-value products.

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