Significant Development in URAYSİM Project!

Significant Development in URAYSİM Project
Significant Development in URAYSİM Project

The National Rail Systems Testing and Research Center (URAYSİM) in Eskişehir, which can provide service at national and international level in order to ensure the continuity of the quality and reliability level of the domestic rail system vehicles produced in our country, was included in the Eleventh Development Plan, the first development plan of the Presidential Government System.

In the URAYSİM project, which was started to be built by Anadolu University in the Alpu district of Eskişehir and expected to be completed by many countries, the trains will be tested from the Balkans to European countries, especially the national High Speed ​​Train (YHT). Turkey, which will save from the commitment of the rail system and study abroad in Eskisehir uraysim announced by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan also continues. The facility, where an independent structure will be established and the operating model including the related institutes and research centers will be implemented, was included in the Eleventh Development Plan (2019-2023) as a result of Erdoğan's will and efforts of Anadolu University administration. The project, which has caused controversy from time to time, will be completed in a short time.

According to the Eleventh Development Plan (2019-2023) submitted to the Presidency of the Turkish Grand National Assembly (TBMM), it is aimed to develop the R & D, design and production capabilities of the domestic industry in order to produce rail system vehicles and critical components with domestic means and to create a national brand in this field. In this context, the institutional capacity of public and private sector organizations producing rail system vehicles and spare parts will be increased through joint studies with universities; sales, marketing and branding strategies will be developed and opportunities for foreign markets and exports will be developed. Training programs will be created to meet the needs of project manager, system administrator, system engineer and design engineer who will take part in the design, development, production and testing and certification processes of rail system vehicles. National Rail Systems of quality and reliability level of domestic rail vehicles produced in Turkey in Eskisehir to serve in the national and international levels in order to ensure continuity of Research and Test Center will be completed by an independent building facilities in which also the relevant institutes and research centers operating model will be implemented .

URAYS project will be designed in Turkey when it come to life and draws rail systems will be produced and can be achieved international standards in testing and certification of drawn vehicles fully within the country and Rail Regulation Directorate General of activities that can prevent the exchange overseas output is supported. In addition, with the completion of the central organization, imported and towed vehicles imported from abroad through the privatization move on the railways, the citizens' compliance with international standards in terms of life and property safety controls and roadworthiness will be tested at home. On the other hand, since it is the only 400 km test center that can reach 50 mileage speed per hour in the world, URAYSİM will be able to export service to foreign manufacturers through test service, as it will enable more detailed tests of high speed trains produced especially in Europe instead of active roads.


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