Istanbul Airport Release from Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure

transport and infrastructure ministry istanbul airport description
transport and infrastructure ministry istanbul airport description

A statement was released on the news about the response of the Minister Turhan from the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure to the question proposal made for Istanbul Airport.

Here is a statement from the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure of Istanbul Airport: It was observed.

In the answer to the question, there was no explanation by Turhan that “Istanbul Airport was built in a bad place”. As stated in the answer to the question proposal, it was stated that a good airport was built by rehabilitating a poor area with mines, sand and clay quarries before.

Istanbul Airport has been constructed in full compliance with world standards in all respects, including the weather conditions of the location and the region it is established in accordance with the International Aviation Organization (ICAO) rules.

There are also unfounded claims that the airport is located on bird migration routes and adversely affects navigation.

Flights are diverted all over the world for many reasons, especially in adverse weather conditions. The number of folds and divertions experienced in Istanbul Airport due to adverse weather conditions and other reasons does not in any way exceed that of similar airports in the world and is even lower than in many international airports.

Likewise, when Atatürk Airport and Istanbul Airport were compared, 2018 passover event was experienced at Atatürk Airport in April, May, June, July in total, while only 445 passport event occurred in Istanbul Airport in the same months of 2019.

In addition, in April, May, June and July, the total number of 75 bird strikes occurred in Atatürk Airport, while in the same months of 2019, only 14 bird strikes occurred in Istanbul Airport.

Istanbul Airport, which is the eye-catching and huge investment of our country, makes a significant contribution to the economy and employment of our country. It is obvious that creating a negative perception about the airport, which is followed by envy all over the world, is not for the benefit of the Turkish nation. ”

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