Turkey's First New Generation National Freight Wagon was produced in facilities TÜDEMSAŞ

turkiyenin was produced in the first national freight cars of new generation facilities TÜDEMSAŞ
turkiyenin was produced in the first national freight cars of new generation facilities TÜDEMSAŞ

Turkey's first new generation produced by TÜDEMSAŞ in Sivas national freight cars are in great demand. Turkey's first new generation of national freight cars 29,5 meters long with 2 vagonluk container carrying ability in a single wagon, about 9,5 shades lighter that is lighter than 26 percent from other cars of similar wagons, Again, according to equivalent cars in Europe with 25,5 tons of curb weight 4 more than tons of load carrying capability. This increase in carrying capacity gives the operator an advantage. Due to the light weight of tare, 15 has a higher load or lower cost advantage.

With the experience and experience of TÜDEMSAŞ, our country's pride in the production of freight wagons. To create a synergy by supporting the private sector and produced, it managed to export cars to the lightened tare Turkey's largest overseas wagon factory. Domestic wagons are made at 85 levels in freight wagons produced at TÜDEMSAŞ.

TÜDEMSAŞ is also the factory in Sivas where Bozkurt, our first domestic and national steam locomotive, was produced in 1961. Bozkurt is on display in front of the factory after 25 years of service. He says I am a work of Turkish Industry, produced locally and nationally with all its parts in 1961. Turkish Industry, which produced Bozkurt locomotives in Sivas and Karakurt locomotives in Eskişehir in 1961 and produced the revolution automobile, can now produce every need of our country locally and nationally. Do not import, let the Turkish industry produce. Turkish industrialist kazantest. Our money should not go to foreigners. Make our National Industry your principle.

In line with this principle, TÜDEMSAŞ passed the first 600 number of 2 wagons ordered by Azerbaijan last month and passed the tests. In addition, it signed a protocol with the US for the 80 feet articulated container transport wagon to be produced in cooperation with Gökyapı. The wagons to be produced will be exported to the US company GATX which is an international company providing rental services in many parts of the world.

Welcoming us in business; I would like to congratulate the General Manager Mr. Mehmet Başoğlu as well as all TÜDEMSAŞ management and wish them continued success.

Prof. İlhami Pektaş

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