Turkey's OSB will be with Iron Webs

turkiyenin OSB will be knitted with iron agar
turkiyenin OSB will be knitted with iron agar

An important logistics investment process for the production locomotives OIZs with 331 is starting. important institutions in Turkey will cooperate to attain the appropriate railway infrastructure OSB.

Turkey's OSB will be built with iron mesh. OIZs, which are increasingly planned production bases throughout the country, will meet the railway network with suitable infrastructure. In this way, products produced in OIZs will be able to transport faster and more cost-effectively. Ministry of Industry and Technology, Ministry of Transport, Improving Investment Environment Coordination Board (YOIKK), Turkey Chambers and Stock Exchanges Union (TOBB), the Organized Industrial Zones Upper Body (OSBÜK) and the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) is edited in fellowship project, the crude needed for production will accelerate the supply of substances.

Following the meeting, the first of which was held a few months ago, the stakeholders who will support the process will proceed with an action plan. Turkey aims to increase quickly the number of OSB will provide rail link to the appropriate OSB according to the plan of action adopted on YOIKK. The suitability of OIZs for this investment means that they are close to the railway.

The ministries, YOİKK, TOBB, TCDD and OSBÜK, which have become rusty with each other, will accelerate the process in order to save time. Work has started for the railways project, which will make progress with the demands and initiatives of TOBB and OSBÜK. In this axis, firstly, which OIZs are suitable for this infrastructure will be determined and then feasibility studies will be carried out. The project, which is aimed to be realized in the medium-long term, will increase the attractiveness of OIZs and the logistical barriers will no longer be among the obstacles preventing OIZs from developing.

2019, covering the years 2023-11. The development plan's logistic topics also signaled this breakthrough. Under the heading of Policy and Measures of the Plan, “Petro-chemical facilities, manufacturing facilities for the automotive industry, port lines, OIZ and mining areas will be completed to ensure the expansion of intermodal transport and increase the competitiveness of the industry. share of railways in freight transport will be increased. The share of railways in terrestrial freight transport will be increased from 5,15 percent to 10 percent ”. (Tuğçe Erol - the Sanayigazete)

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