Turkey Mountain Bike Championship breath was cut

turkey was breathtaking mountain biking championship
turkey was breathtaking mountain biking championship

One of Turkey's most modern cycling facilities in the Sunflower Valley Bicycle MTB Supreme Head of Sakarya-Turkey participated in the Championship, "World Mountain Bike World 2020 will take vision will host the Championship. Under the auspices of our President, we are continuing our efforts to host the best international tournament in September of 2020. ”

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ekrem Yüce was sent to Sakarya by the Metropolitan Municipality. kazanParticipated in the Sakarya-Turkey MTB Championship in the Sunflower Cycling Valley, one of the most modern bicycle facilities in Turkey. Citizens showed great interest in the races held on 3-4 August. 3 athletes participated in the race held on Saturday, August 40, 4 athletes in the race held on Sunday, August 411, 451 athletes in general. There were 2 different types as Off-road Driving and Elimination Race. 6 different categories were organized for men and 3 different categories for women. Sakarya SALCANO Team player Halil İbrahim Doğan came first in U-23 and second in General Classification. Onur Balkan, on the other hand, placed third in the Senior Men's category. In addition to Mayor Yüce, Governor Ahmet Hamdi Nayir, Turkish Cycling Federation Vice President İrfan Çelik, Erenler Mayor Fevzi Kılıç, Söğütlü Mayor Koray Oktay Özten, Geyve Mayor Murat Kaya, SUBÜ Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Sinan Serdar Özkan, Youth and Sports Provincial Director Arif Özsoy attended. Draw at the end of the program kazanPresident Yüce and Governor Nayir delivered their bikes to 12 citizens.

From 7 to 70 for everyone
Speaking in the program, President Ekrem Yüce said, Sak We are in the happiness of hosting another championship in our Sakaryamiz which is taking more and more important steps towards becoming a bicycle city. Shortly before the Presidential Cycling Tour of our city is given a place at the start of the excitement of the Turkey-Sakarya MTB Championships will always live together. First and foremost, cycling is extremely important for the environment and health, and is a vehicle for all people from 7 to 70. To this end, we are doing our best to ensure that all our citizens benefit from this sporting activity and to increase our bicycle paths in our Bicycle Friendly City. Of course, cycling is also a useful tool for carrying out sports activities in various categories. ”

We will introduce our city to the whole world
President Yüce said, “Next year, we will host the 2020 World Mountain Bike Championship, which will bring Sakarya to the world. We are seriously continuing our efforts to host the international tournament that will take place in September 2020 under the auspices of our President. Hopefully, we will introduce both our city and our country to the whole world in the best way possible. As the Metropolitan Municipality, we will continue to take the necessary steps to spread and take root in the cycling culture. On this occasion, he wishes success to all teams and athletes participating in the races; excitement and competition are at a high level; but in the end your friendship kazanI wish him a great championship," he said.

Bicycle is one of our brand values
Governor Ahmet Hamdi Nayir said, “Today, we are enjoying the togetherness in an important issue such as sports in this beautiful area. There is no doubt that one of the brand values ​​of our beautiful Sakarya is sports. Difference to our city in sports kazanThis area is a source of pride and pride for our city for cycling. There is no doubt that the efforts put into these places are also valuable in the championships that will be held here with their athletes and competitions. kazanhe's eating. Sport is necessary for every individual, and is on the agenda of both the central government and local governments, and it finds its place with the fields to be organized, the courses to be given and the incentives in this field. I would like to thank our Youth and Sports Organization and all our related friends, especially our Federation and Metropolitan Municipality, who contributed to this championship.”

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