Tüpraş Imports Locomotives From Swiss Stadler Company! .. Didn't We Have National Hybrid Locomotive?

tupras imports locomotives from swedish stadler
tupras imports locomotives from swedish stadler

Tupras, Turkey's largest industrial enterprise, the Swiss Stadler, 7 Total signed an agreement for the purchase of locomotives EURODUAL type.

It's a pity for the producers in my country.

However, these locomotives in Eskişehir Tülomsaş factory could produce very easily.

Here is our National Hybrid locomotive developed by Tülomsaş and Aselsan and exhibited at the Innotrans fair in Germany last year.

What a contradiction, isn't it?

Similarly, last year İskenderun Demir Çelik purchased 6 EFFISHUNTER 600 locomotives from Czech Republic instead of Tülomsaş.

Native when produced in Turkey why we get from strangers.

Why are our money going out?

  1. All rail systems in Turkey will be called as local and national development plans. Will this plan not be followed?

Isn't there a father who can save this country from foreign admiration and say, may Don't take the foreigner when there is a native??

(Serhadhab is)

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