Tunç Soyer Celebrated with İZBETON and İZELMAN Workers

tunc soyer izbeton and izelman workers feast
tunc soyer izbeton and izelman workers feast

İzmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer also met with İZBETON and İZELMAN employees as part of the festival visits to the institutions affiliated to the municipality.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer, who attended the feasting ceremony at the Belkahve Facilities of İZBETON General Directorate, had a feast dinner with the workers. Soyer was accompanied by General Secretary Buğra Gökçe and İZBETON General Manager Heval Savaş Kaya. All employees of the President's family Soyer stated that as part one, voiced the following: "Turkey has a prospect of us. We are not just Izmir. Who chose us back our nation was actually install a hope for Turkey. All my friends have the same load on their shoulders. Because politics will be restructured in Turkey. We have a pioneering power. Other cities may have an excuse, but we have no choice but to succeed başarılı.

"Another from Izmir in Turkey we will show that it is possible," said President Soyer, "The work you do or enlarges or extinguish this hope. We have to do our best. We have to produce the road in the best way. We are sure that together we will establish new Turkey. We will live this pride and pleasure together. I wish you all a good holiday. Have a good holiday with your loved ones with a smiling face. After the feast canla, start, continue to work with love ”.

Second stop İZELMAN
Mayor Tunç Soyer also attended the feasting ceremony at İZELMAN Headquarters building. Here, Soyer welcomed with great enthusiasm and feasted with all employees one by one. Deputy Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Mustafa Özuslu and İZELMAN General Manager Burak Alp Ersen were among the participants.

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