12 Medal from Turkish Athletes at Triathlon Balkan Championship

medal from turkish athletes at triathlon balkan championship
medal from turkish athletes at triathlon balkan championship

The first day of the 2019 ETU Sprint Triathlon Balkan Championship, organized with the support of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, has been completed. Turkish athletes won 12 medals in the championship where stars, youth and elite athletes competed. kazanwas.

Turkey Triathlon Federation by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IBB) organized with the support of the Balkan Triathlon Championships began on Eagle beach. On the first day of the championship held for the first time in Istanbul, athletes competed in the stars, youth and elite categories.

Began with warm-up studies in the early morning championships, where athletes from over 16 500 countries along with Turkey. Starting with the men's and women's races in the stars, the athletes first swam the 400-meter course. Then the stars riding the 10 kilometer bike struggled first place by running 2 thousand 400 meters. At the end of the race, İpek Günad won the rope. Men's champion of the stars was another athlete Bartu Ören.

Men's champion Bartu Ören said that he had a good camp and preparation period at the end of the race. Ören said that swimming and cycling were easy and he said, ım I had a little difficulty in the first 1200 meter of the run. In the second 1200 meter, I came to my senses, with the strength of the coat of arms on my chest, I did my best in the last sprint and I came first. I was third in the Balkan Championship in Bulgaria at 2017, and today I finished ahead. My next goal is to get rankings and first place in European championships. ”

In the challenging course, the second race of the day was held in the youth category. In this category, athletes competed in swimming at 750 meters, cycling at 20 kilometers and running stage at 5 kilometers. In the men's race, Eric Logoz Lorincz of Romania came first and Mehmet Fatih Davran finished second. Delia Oana Dudau from Romania joined the race for young women. Turkish athlete Elif Polat finished second and Aişenur Acar finished third.

The last races of the day were held in the elite category. The race, which was the scene of the breathtaking struggle of the athletes aiming to rise in the ETU ranking, was held on the same track dimensions as the youth. Gültigin Er from the Turkish National Team took the first place in the men's podium and women's Croatian athlete Zejika Milicic won the gold medal.

Stating that he started triathlon at the age of 17, elite category champion Gültigin Private 5 said that he had been triathlon for years and said: It was an advantage for us that the bike trail was built on a flat surface. I did my best in the run. Fourth in Europe in the youth before and had Balkans third, Turkey champ four years. Triathlon is a sport that reaches its peak in older ages and therefore continuity is very important. I want to continue this sport and become the European and Olympic champion. ”

Trophy and medal ceremony was held at the end of the day. The athletes received their medals from the Deputy Mayor of Kartal Oktay Aksu and the protocol. Turkey has completed the race with a total of 12 4 Sunday, August medal will continue in the age group category.

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