Transanatolia Rally to Finish in Sanliurfa

transanatolia rally finishes sanliurfada
transanatolia rally finishes sanliurfada

📩 27/08/2019 12:56

The Transanatolia Rally, one of the most prestigious rallies in the world and known as the preliminary preparation of the Dakkar Rally, will finish in Şanlıurfa at the end of the 7th day.

With the finish, which will be hosted by the Metropolitan Municipality, the rallies will go to Göbeklitepe and make a great contribution to the promotion of the region.

Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality will welcome the Transanatolia Rally, which will depart for Şanlıurfa with a truck, 87 of which are land, 84 organizational vehicles and 40 service vehicles. Transanatolia Rally, which started from Bolu on August 24, will finish in Şanlıurfa after a 7-day route. The Transanatolia Rally will stop by Göbeklitepe on the route and the rally will finish in front of the Archeology Museum.

The giant organization in Şanlıurfa will be held on August 31st. Multinational ralists will be celebrating the 'Year of Göbeklitepe' at the organization, which will take place. The Transanatolia Rally, which will offer its participants a lively and unique experience with its route from the Western Black Sea to Şanlıurfa, will reflect the wide spectrum of the Southeast with its hidden villages, cultures, sincerity and traditions on its route.

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