Büyükakın to Yahya Captives Tram Description

tram description to the captains
tram description to the captains

Union of Municipalities of Marmara and Kocaeli Mayor Assoc. Dr. Tahir Büyükakın, Izmit Yahya Captain Top Management Chairman Ahmet Yavuz, and Yuvam Top Management Chairman Adem Elbas, as well as the management of East Marmara Customs and Foreign Trade Regional Manager Mehmet Ali Arslan and the previous period, the AK Party Izmit District Chairman Hasan Ayaz hosted in his office. Mayor Büyükakın made evaluations on the issues that closely concern the city and the country with his guests and stressed the value that rail systems will add to the development of the city. Mayor Büyükakın made a statement about the tram project going to Alikahya region in TV Agenda Special Program at 41 and mentioned important issues in many issues.

Büyük The extension works of the Akçaray tram line in Izmit Center are continuing, ”said Mayor Büyükakın, who informed Yuvam and Yahya Kaptan's top management.“ The construction of the tram line going to Kuruçeşme continues. We have a line that will extend from the Mehmet Ali Pasha region, which is another line, to the city hospital. It is foreseen that the 50 thousand passengers of the city hospital will go daily. Another line will be towards the Kocaeli Stadium in Alikahya, where we expect a serious journey. The new courthouse will also come from the EDOK command. If the courthouse is moved there, there will be a serious traffic. Yap

“As a result, there is no definite line”
"Alikahya region, Kocaeli Stadium and courthouse because of the tram line has to go to that area," said Mayor Assoc. Dr. Tahir Büyükakın said, Yah The alternative route studies are going on whether this line will go down from the captain of Yahya and go up the Sembol Shopping Center from the factory area or go to the Alikahya area from the back of the terminal. There is no final line. If the symbol goes by the mall there is a tree plantation area. We have citizens in that area who are concerned about cutting down some trees in that area. There is no possibility of making a project without talking to our citizens in that region or passing through another place without talking to our people in that region. But there is currently no finalized or decided project to discuss. There are black pencil works in case he can pass through, there is no definite implementation project. It would be unnecessary to start a discussion before they happen..

Mayor Büyükakın continued his words as follows: “May our citizens in Yahya Captain region be comfortable. There is no finalized project, no investment decision has been made. If there is a more concrete situation for him to pass through, then they will sit and talk with them. But we don't have a project there. We have no investment decision taken. There are only alternative route studies. There is an alternative route to reach Alikahya, the courthouse and Kocaeli Stadium from the back of the terminal. However, the route of our line going to the city hospital became clear and implementation projects are being carried out. ”



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