TCDD Resolves Its Co-Crisis on the Train

tcddde es es on the train crisis so cozuldu
tcddde es es on the train crisis so cozuldu

On the trains, the crisis in ticket sales was solved, even if it was a wife next to the female passenger whose ticket was purchased or booked. TCDD Transport has appointed a kişi terminal person amaçla for this purpose. The box office dispatches the spouse's statement to the person before the ticket sale. The seat next to the female passenger opens; ticket sales. The husband and wife can travel side by side.

HabertürkAccording to Olcay Aydilek'in news; CD TCDD Transportation has thrown a scalpel to the problem which is called kriz peer crisis yan on the trains side by side on trains.

First, let's expose this problem. On the trains, the seat next to the female passenger, whose money has been paid and which has been sold or booked, is not sold to male passengers. The background of this application lies in the sensitivity of some female passengers.

This led to some unforeseen problems. Some couples were adversely affected. For example, a lady bought a ticket to Ankara from Eskişehir by high speed train. He also made a reservation for his return from Eskişehir to Ankara. This lady decided to return to Ankara with her husband from Eskişehir. His wife wanted to make a reservation. The system did not allow this reservation because it was located next to the female passenger.

TCDD Transport has assigned a “terminal person için to solve this problem. Before the ticket sale, the box office officer communicates the statement of the spouse to the person concerned. The seat next to the female traveler opens. Officer sells tickets. The husband and wife can travel side by side.

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