TCDD Primary School Graduated Public Personnel with Disabilities Published Procurement Notice!

tcdd primary school graduates published public procurement announcements
tcdd primary school graduates published public procurement announcements

Turkey Business Association (TEO) will make public jobs jobs over the screen published by TCDD General Directorate of at least primary school graduates among candidates railway line maintenance and repair service reception. Applications for job posting will be received through İŞKUR and final applications will be received by 15 August 2019. Applicants who do not meet the application requirements will not be accepted.

TCDD General Directorate announced that it will purchase railway line maintenance repairers to employ units located in Erzincan and Kocaeli.

Turkey Business Association (TEO) jobs screen "is" according to the announcement published over TCDD at least primary education graduate recruitment to the Directorate General to do.

The deadline for submitting advertisements is 15 August 2019. 3 person will be employed in the procurement of railway maintenance line repairer. In addition, 1 workers will be employed for Kocaeli and 2 workers for Erzincan.

Railway Line Maintenance Repairer



Turkey Business Association (TEO) announced job was located over the details published by TCDD bottom, and will apply candidates must pay attention to what is contained in the bottom.

General issues are as follows;


Applicants who meet the requirements of the request, within the 5 days from the date of publication of the Announcement; any İŞKUR Provincial / Service Center;:

Candidates who will be included in the final list announced in İŞKUR for the demands of disabled people, photocopies of the following documents in order to take a lottery or an oral exam before the notary public and fill in the 1 number of illustrated Job Request Information Form completely on 27.08.2019 date, TCDD Business General Directorate of Human Resources Department Anafartalar Mah. Hipodrom Cad. No: 3 Altındağ / ANKARA. Applicants who do not submit their documents will not be admitted to the notary public and the oral exam.

All announcements regarding the date and place of the paperwork, the date of the draw, the date of the oral exam, the result of the oral exam and the demand for the labor force regarding the announced labor demand are available on the TCDD website ( /) announcements.

In case the demand of the candidates who submitted the documents is 4 or below, there will be no drawing of a drawer.

In the event that the candidates on the final list are more than the 4 of the demand, they will take the oral exam 03.09.2019 at 10.00. Hipodrom Cad. No: 3 Altındağ / ANKARA.

Oral exam 06.09.2019 date 10.00 TCDD General Directorate of Human Resources Department Anafartalar Mah. Hipodrom Cad. No: 3 Altındağ / ANKARA.

Applicants who have successfully passed the oral exam will be recruited as a result of the Security Investigation and Archive Research

Disabled workers to be employed by TCDD will be subject to the Labor Law No. 4857.

The trial period for the disabled workers is 4.

Documents Requested from the Applicants Who Will Apply for Our Disabled Rail Line Maintenance Repairer

1- For the disabled workers to be employed in the art line of Railway Line Maintenance and Repairer, it is required to have worked at least 6 months in road maintenance and repair works in rail systems where freight and passenger transportation are carried out together.

Candidates will document their work in writing. The work they have received from the workplace will indicate which work they have worked on, the number of workplace insurance registration number and how long they work. You will also be asked to dump the SSI service.

Experience must demand our desired candidates who apply, that document can not be held if the paperwork rights report on Turkey will be notified by receipt and acceptance of the necessary requirements to apply for the transport of Employment Agency.

2- Learning certificate,

3- Copy of identity card,

4- Identity number of the record criminal record to be in writing, (the with the prosecutor's office, or e-government password. Be obtained from the address, the court's decision regarding the present criminal record criminal record will be requested.)

5- Military service certificate (demobilization, deferment or exemption),

6- Disability report, (will be taken from hospitals authorized to give disability report.)

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