Tandem Paragliding Pilots Documented

tandem hillside pilots documented
tandem hillside pilots documented

Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry, tandem paragliding pilot to increase the qualifications of the profession and the profession continues to carry out work for the certification of the professional competence Institution standards.

Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Babadağ's lifeblood and has an important place in the economy of the region tandem paragliding activities are engaged in intensive work. As a result of the studies; The necessary knowledge and skills required for the successful execution of the profession were determined by the National Occupational Standard. Then, Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Ministry of Youth and Sports, Turkish Aeronautical Association and Air Sports Federation by the FMC Working Group; The National Qualification covering the measurement and evaluation processes that will determine the knowledge, skills and competencies of tandem paragliding pilots was prepared and approved by the Board of Directors of the Vocational Qualifications Authority dated 29 July 2017.


After the completion of national standards and qualifications, Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry 'Vocational Qualification Examination and Certification Center' has accelerated the efforts to establish. 7-8-9 In the meetings held on August 2019, FTSO Chairman Osman Çıralı, General Secretary Ezgi Kullukçu, Expert Büşra Eren, Babadağ flight control committee chairman Birkan Paçalı, flight control officer Aykut Boğa, FTSO Chamber Hakan Ertuğ Fethiye Power Union Tourism Promotion and Trade Limited Company representing Serdar Sener attended.

Studies; Fethiye Power Union Tourism Promotion and Trade Limited Company, which is a subsidiary of FTSO, should be authorized by the Vocational Qualification Authority as the Vocational Qualification Testing and Certification Center, and the profession of tandem paragliding piloting in both Fethiye; engaged in general and Turkey, and the number of pilots in excess of xnumx'y, including the benefit from the framework defined standards testing and certification services.

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