New Regulation on Urban Rail Systems Will Force Municipalities

new regulation on urban rail systems will force municipalities
new regulation on urban rail systems will force municipalities

While the repercussions of the AKP's loss of many metropolitan municipalities still continue, the ruling government has made a striking arrangement regarding municipalities. With the new regulation, especially in the metropolitan municipalities can not do business almost.

According to the news compiled by OdaTV, the fees of the subway and urban rail transportation systems that the municipalities transferred to the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure were paid to the Ministry of Treasury and Finance after the work was completed. With the change made, the procedures and principles of reimbursement were changed. While 15 percent of the previous metro costs were cut, the municipality's debt was paid to the treasury in installments, with the regulation in May 2019, it was decided to collect 5 percent of the general budget tax revenues of the municipalities.

Why does this make municipalities unable to work?
Since the majority of municipal revenues are the general budget tax revenues, the government's fees from municipalities are increasing dramatically.

For example, for the metro expenses of the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, while the government received 2018 million TL in 34,9, it will receive 2019 million TL in 226,5. Again, while Ankara Metropolitan Municipality cut the metro costs of 2016 million TL in 25,8 and 2017 million TL in 33,3, 2020 million TL will be deducted in 249,1 and 2021 million TL in 274.

OK There is no defensive side Y
A statement was made on the official website of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality regarding the issue. In the statement, it was pointed out that the Ministry's words of this change as "in favor of the municipalities" were not true. In its statement, the municipality demanded that the regulation be withdrawn, saying "There are numerous benefits to withdraw from the 5% cut, which is considered to be undevable and impossible to maintain,"

The metro and rail transportation is a public service and the following statements were included in the statement: “For example; metro ticket fees were last determined on 06.01.2017 date, although almost everything in our country in the year 2,5 hike in the subway ticket prices have not been increased.

As required by legal regulations and public transportation services, some of the passengers (those who are 65 years of age, veterans and their spouses, widows and orphans of martyrs, war or duty invalids, yellow press card holders, police and gendarmerie personnel, municipal police, the disabled, employment according to the Travel Allowance Law No fee is charged for the collector, mail dispatcher etc. who work on a mobile basis within the local area.

In addition, students; teachers, citizens over the age of 60 and so on. discounted tariff is applied.

Over the last three years:
It is seen that 26% of those traveling by EGO buses and 13,5% of those traveling on the metro and rail system lines travel free of charge.

Based on the laws, the central administration does not even make a support payment to EGO (similar to private public bus operators, which is 1.330 TL per month per bus) in return for the transportation services provided to these segments at a free / discounted tariff.

It is clear that these impose a significant cost on EGO, and EGO cannot bear this burden and will suffer. As a matter of fact, EGO has been making losses continuously for years and its losses are covered by the resources provided by the municipality. "
Source New Age: New burden from power to municipalities

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  1. Bus and minibus fares should be halved. that is, full = one lira… If they are discounted, they should be 50 kurus.