Air Conditioning Control in Sanliurfa City Transportation Vehicles

sanliurfada urban transportation vehicles air conditioning control
sanliurfada urban transportation vehicles air conditioning control

Turkey's hottest province of Sanliurfa, the Metropolitan Municipality Police teams, continues to climate control in urban transport. Vehicle drivers who also pay attention to the communication of passengers, especially during the day, the use of air conditioning is a must conveyed to drivers.

Sanliurfa is located in the hot climate zone, while the weather temperatures continue to affect, while the Metropolitan Municipality continues to work to prevent behavior that may adversely affect the health of citizens in transportation.

Metropolitan Police teams carried out their routine glass film and noise pollution inspections this time with air conditioning control. Municipal police teams in many different points of the city, making inspections by taking the transportation vehicles, warned the drivers about the issue, asked citizens to inform the 153 Contact Center in case of possible problems.

Teams, informing citizens “During daytime, our driver friends are required to turn on air conditioning. Otherwise, our citizens will call our 153 Contact Center and transfer the license plate, time and route of the vehicle to us. In order to prevent negative behavior, we will make our warnings and initiatives to the extent permitted by the legal framework. ”

The daily service of the citizen 190 thousand citizens in the purpose of offering the best service to the citizens of the Metropolitan Municipality, the controls will continue throughout the summer.

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