Road Works in Progress in Bursa

road works in full swing
road works in full swing

Bursa Mayor Alinur Aktas, 'more easily accessible city' with the goal of continuing its activities in all districts continues to work incessantly in all districts, he said.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, in the city center with an alternative solution to open the clogged vessels, one by one, does not neglect the roads of the districts. The Metropolitan Municipality, which transports transportation to all districts, brings together citizens with comfortable transportation.

Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş, planning the transportation activities in the city, while working meticulously in the districts, he said. Mayor Aktaş stated that they are breathing with practical solutions to the places where the traffic problem is most intense in Bursa and said: iyle With the aim of increasing the quality of transportation in Bursa, we focus on the issues that our citizens feel troubled. Since we took office, we have taken great distance in transportation. We found quick solutions to traffic with smart intersection applications. We also express that we are working in the light of the Transportation Master Plan for the future of Bursa. As the Metropolitan Municipality, we put our signature on the roads of our districts with our transportation activities in the whole city. ”

Work in progress

Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department teams working in every corner of Bursa day and night, completed the work of 2200 meter hot asphalt in Kurşunlu village of Karacabey District. 5000 m on the way to the Kurşunlu Mahallesi and Malkara neighborhood and Karacabey Danışment District İzmir Road on the way to the connection of the 4000 m teams completed the work, the district has made transportation even more comfortable. Metropolitan Municipality teams, Mudanya District Çınarlı connection road Çınarlı - Yaman road 4000 m, Çınarlı - Orhaniye neighborhood connection road 5100 m and 3000 m in the connection road to the total 12100 meters of the surface coating work completed. Again in the district of Mudanya Akköy and Dedeköy neighborhood connection road 4000 m surface finish work is completed, the Metropolitan Municipality, the roads to make it more comfortable to continue the work.

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