Full Note from Elevator Industry Representatives to BTSO's New Test Center

representatives of the elevator industry bts full note to the new testing center
representatives of the elevator industry bts full note to the new testing center

Bursa Elevator Industrialists Association (BURSAD) members, BTSO implemented by the elevator safety components tested in the most reliable way 'Elevator Safety Equipment Testing and Development Center made a review.

Bursa lift industry representatives, the Ministry of Industry and Technology of the signed protocols for the testing and inspection services to the elevator industry's first and only do that in Turkey, visited the Lift Safety Equipment Test and Development Center. Chairman of the BTSO Machinery Council Cem Bozdağ, BTSO MESYEB General Manager Ramazan Karakök and BURSAD Chairman Gültekin Baki and members of the association attended the visit.


BTSO Machinery Council Chairman Cem Bozdag, MESYEB established 'Elevator Safety Equipment Testing and Development Center is of great importance for the future of the sector, he said. For engaged in manufacturing lift companies in Turkey before Noting that there is an accredited test center Bozdag, "the test brought BCCI mesyeb of life for the elevator industry center will no longer lift production firms of the tests can be done. The Center will eliminate the dependency of the sector abroad and reduce its costs. ”


Gültekin Baki, Chairman of BURSAD, stated that it is a great advantage for the sector to implement a comprehensive center that will directly affect the development of the elevator sector in Bursa. BCCI's center began operations in MESYEB Care site in Bursa, pointing to the importance of establishing for the first time in Turkey, "bursadan as in any city in Turkey do not have a center in this context. We are proud of our sector for the transactions we have made by applying to organizations abroad. Our sector will become even stronger with the work of this center..


BTSO MESYEB General Manager Ramazan Karakök stated that they aim to carry out the tests in a comprehensive and qualified manner at a lower cost with this project. the first laboratory ID to test. It is also among our objectives to create the technological level of the test and development laboratory at a level where we can develop national and national designs. ”

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