Public Transport Ethics in Old Istanbul

public transport in old istanbul moral
public transport in old istanbul moral

As you know, in order to get on the subway vehicles more easily, priority should be given to those descending, not only for the comfort of the passengers, but also for the comfort of passengers who want to get out of the vehicle. In addition, in order to prevent obstacles to boarding and landing, the vehicle is not stopped in front of the door, the middle parts are passed, the doors do not prevent the operation of the movement. These are, in fact, the rules of public transport, which are part of the rules of manners, which determine the social respect and manners we all know.

In all public transport, not giving way to descendants is a violation of manners. Compliance with rules in public transport is a requirement of our self-esteem, and inspection mechanisms encourage us to comply with these rules. In subway stations, where the doors of the vehicles correspond to the “Please give priority to the descendants” warning and signs indicating the entrance and exit pattern and pictograms on the doors of the vehicle doors are also reminded of this rule. In addition, the announcements made remind that the descendants should be given priority. This is achieved through repetitive reminders to create awareness in the minds of the passengers. In public transportation systems, wheelchairs and disabled people, elderly people, pregnant or infant women are defined as priority passengers.

IMM Culture Co. 1453 Istanbul Culture and Art Magazine, published quarterly by 2014. In its issue, it had the history of transportation in Istanbul and the transportation manners that are almost forgotten together with the rapidly increasing population. The article, written by the City Historian Akın Kurtoğlu for the magazine, contains important information about the adventure of getting acquainted with the public transport of Istanbul, the process of getting used to the travel culture of the city dwellers, queue manners and where they come from in urban transportation.

Akın Kurtoğlu starts and continues with the findings in the magazine saying “comfort is not everything.“ “In the past, traveling in Istanbul meant something else. At that time, public transport was too iptida to be able to pass even the comfort of today's modern vehicles. However, now we understand that comfort is not everything. There was an element of those days; it is also the kindness and tolerance of people towards each other. During the journey, a number of rules that were not mentioned by Istanbulites who were aware of urbanism were valid. Embarrassing glances gathered on loud speakers to distract others.

It was unthinkable that children or young people did not include older adults. Giving priority to the descendants was not a blessing, but a necessity of being a citizen. It is a shame to eat and drink something in the car, children are vaccinated at a very young age, the bus, trolleybus, half-bagels remaining on the train, bite cookies from the edge, corn taken by the parents were put into the bag. There was an ad-un-muasseret that was not named. We can call this a positive neighborhood pressure. Unfortunately, this kind of subtleties are not respected today. What is important for individuals today is to bring their own comfort to the forefront in every sense at the expense of assuming the destruction of others.

With the introduction of the concept of mixed travel between men and women in the Republican era, this time the sofa and armchairs with disabled elderly citizens during the journey to leave, the priority should be sitting in women rather than men, the issue of the printed world realizes that the citizens of the press with a serious determination, we see that frequently refer to the public. . However, due to the training they received, a majority of Istanbul residents fulfilled their human duties without even needing such advice and easily left their seats to others without any thought. It was never unacceptable for the public to occupy the seats of a small child on a steamer or train without any disability. The famous disgraceful gaze that tended to behave with some decisive and tidy behavior was perhaps the most important element of this series of sanctions.

In order to overcome the artificial congestion that occurs immediately after the front doors of the bellows buses, the bus drivers have frequently repeated them for the passengers. The back wagon of the bus also goes to Eminönü lar the style-stimulating caveats have become one of the indispensable humorous sentences of the transportation culture. ”

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