The Most Economical Solution for Local Transportation in Denizli Municipality Buses

municipal buses in the most economical way
municipal buses in the most economical way

The new bus lines introduced by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality with the 19 line in the first stage will be activated as of August Friday. Bus prices do not increase the Metropolitan Municipality, new applications to citizens in the city offers the most economical solution in public transportation.

19 line, which is implemented by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality in line with the increasing residential area, population densities and needs, has started to be activated as of today. Some bus lines that combine, bus routes to make the most efficient way to make arrangements, as well as the new bus lines commissioned the Metropolitan Municipality, did not go any increase in bus fare. The Metropolitan Municipality, which works for the faster, economical and comfortable travel of the people of Denizli with the new applications and arrangements it offers, offers the most economical solution to the public transportation in the city.

Monthly for a family of 4 kazanci 100 TL

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which aims to make the use of buses more attractive to citizens with new lines and regulations, has also paved the way for saving money spent on transportation. It is pointed out that a family with 2 children, parents and students, can save up to 100 TL per month if they use city buses as a means of transportation.

Be sure to check your lines: ulasim.denizli.bel.t is 

The transformation initiated by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality in urban public transportation, which has gained great appreciation with its investments in the field of transportation in Denizli, is being implemented from today. Within the scope of the application, Denizli city center was divided into 6 regions, and a total of 36 routes were created, 60 of which were main lines. In this context, it is announced that 19 main lines will be activated in the first place as of today, and the buses used by citizens to avoid any victimization ulasim.denizli.bel.t is were asked to check at.

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