125 Year in Motor Sports

years in motor sports
years in motor sports

The Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsports team celebrated their 125 year in motorsport and the 1 race in Formula 200, with several successes with Monster Energy pilots Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas.

Car racing is a bumpy sport. The Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsports team was preparing to mark another success at Hockenheim in Southern Germany last weekend, two weeks ago, after their victory at the Great Britain Grand Prix.

Monster Energy pilots Lewis and Valtteri took their teams to the top by finishing first and second in Silverstone. Last Sunday, they seemed to repeat this result in Hockenheim in southern Germany. Because the Saturday qualifiers P1 and P3, the team will perform very well in the next day's races pointed out. However, the result was the exact opposite. Lewis finished the 11 race and Valtteri crashed out of the race. And the 125 in Mercedes-Benz's motorsport. and the 1 in Formula 200. It was a twist of fate that the race coincided with this weekend. But unfortunately there was no celebration.


In order to commemorate the original Silver Arrow (the nickname meaning 'Silver Arrow' of the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsports team) born at 85 years ago, 1934 used special white paint on Lewis and Valtteri's Mercedes AMG F1 W10 EQ Power + cars. At that time, the colors of race cars represented the origin of the vehicles or their pilots. Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix race cars were painted white. According to legend, 3 In June 1934, at the ür Eifelrennen N event at the Nürburgring, the weight of the Mercedes-Benz W25 rose above the 750 pound limit. Then white paint was removed and a silver-looking metal hood appeared. So the team's name was Silver Arrow.

If we jump into 1954, Mercedes-Benz joined Formula 1 for the first time that year in the French Grand Prix. The race was held in Reims at 4 July 1954. The great Juan Mauel Fangio triumphed with W196. Despite the poor result at Hockenheim, the team's 1 win record still remains in the 200 race at Formula 96. Moreover, during this time, the team won five teams championship titles, seven drivers won the championship title and took the 109 pole position, and 70 once achieved the fastest finish in the round.

However, in the real motorsport tradition, Lewis and Valtteri immediately leave their frustration at Hockenheim in the past and focus on the next race in Hungary. Most importantly, Lewis is the most successful driver in Hungaroring in the history of F1. He won six victories here: 2007, 2009, 2012, 2013, 2016, 2018. Last year, the Silver Arrow duo finished first and second in the race.

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