The Ministry of Transport had 114 million 406 thousand TL worth of food in the last three years

the ministry of transport has eaten a million thousand TL in the last three years
the ministry of transport has eaten a million thousand TL in the last three years

According to the response from the CHP Tanrıkulu, who asked the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure's food purchases in the last three years, the Ministry made purchases of 2016 million 2019 thousand TL between 114-406 years. The companies from which the food service was provided were not explained

One dayAccording to the report of Hüseyin Şimşek; “CHP Deputy Sezgin Tanrikulu'nun Mehmet Cahit Turhan, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, who responded to the motion of the question, food procurement tenders of the ministry units 'missing' announced. Turhan, many affiliated units do not include in the response, eight directorates 2016-2019 years of food expenditure 114 million 406 thousand 687 TL reported.

Tanrıkulu CHP'li, the amount paid to food purchases of the affiliated units of the Ministry and asked what companies are made of these purchases. Turhan, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, TCDD General Directorate of Enterprises for food purchases from 2016 to 2019'un June 23 million 225 thousand 635 TL was spent. General Directorate of Coastal Safety for Turhan stated that 3 568 million spent per thousand 405, Turkey Locomotive and Engine Industry Inc. For the General Directorate of 7 million 548 thousand 939 TL meal payment was made, he added.


Turkey Railway Equipment Co. Directorate General of 6 million 548 72 thousand TL Turkey Wagon Industry Co. Turhan stated that the General Directorate purchased food of TL 6 million 665 thousand 519 TL. General Directorate of the full 61 million 594 thousand 27 TL worth of purchases made. PTT Inc. The amount paid by the General Directorate for food purchases is 252 thousand 347, Türksat A.Ş. If the General Directorate of 5 million 3 thousand 743 thousand pays the Minister expressed Turhan, these purchases were made from the company did not explain. Cahit Turhan, the General Directorate of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure of the food procurement auctions did not give information about.

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