Eid Cleaning in Municipality Buses in Mersin

cleaning of municipal buses in Mersin
cleaning of municipal buses in Mersin

Public transport in Mersin was disinfected before the feast. Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation Public Transportation Branch Directorate teams, metropolitan public transport vehicles carried out the detailed cleaning and disinfecting process.

In addition to routine cleaning operations, the teams also disinfected with a special product obtained from chlorine dioxide and used in many cities in Europe, freeing public transport from bacteria and bad odors. The cleaning and disinfecting processes, which took place before the Eid al-Adha, were performed on the 249 public transport vehicle at the Machinery Supply Site.

Transportation will be provided by immaculate buses.
With the cleaning and disinfecting process performed before the upcoming Eid al-Adha, the teams showed a selfless performance in order to provide the citizens with access to healthy transportation during the busy flights that will be provided free of charge during the feast. Metropolitan Municipality, which aims to provide the best service by using current and advanced hygiene materials, also attaches great importance to the fact that the substances used do not harm human health and the environment.

Three-stage hygiene study
The three-stage cleaning and disinfecting operations were performed on the 249 public transport at the Machine Supply Site. In the first stage, the vehicle was cleaned with shampoo exterior. In the second stage, after the detailed cleaning of the vehicle was made, in the last stage the vehicle was disinfected and the vehicle was cleaned from bacteria and bad odors. Regular cleaning control is also provided against the pests that appear on the vehicle floor panels.

Vehicles are free from bacteria and bad odors
24 hour transportation service providers in the public transport to invisible bacteria and bad odors in Turkey against an uncommon disinfection implementing teams, provides a hygiene like the first day in the car. In Europe, a special product obtained from chlorine dioxide used in disinfection of water resources of cities such as Brussels, Zurich, Duesseldorf, Berlin and Vienna, and vehicles disinfected in the last stage of three-stage cleaning, were made ready for service by removing bad odors and bacteria.

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