Medipol to Birgün 'TCDD' Disclaimer

medipolden birgune tcdd offset
medipolden birgune tcdd offset

Medipol University opposed the news that TCDD Guest House and TCDD Museum Building were given to them. University Birgün newspaper in a denial of "not given to us, was allocated," he said.

Medipol University used the following statements in a reparation sent by Birgün newspaper to the news of the 29 July issue of koca husband and wife plundered in the middle of Ankara: via the notary: Communicating only the allocated building and land which is not granted to the client institution with the 'given' predicate means to falsify a legal truth with the most optimistic approach. ”

In the disclaimer in which Birgün shares the details, it is stated that the guest house and museum are 'allocated' to the university at 12 June 2018. In addition, the statement in the reparation, Health Minister Fahrettin Koca resigned from his duties at the university immediately after becoming Minister of Health, and the name of the news in question, 'smear campaign' said.


On the other hand, university rector Ahmet Zeki Şengil said last July, 29 said, baz In some of the news, some photos were used to make the building perceived as the main building of the Ankara Train Station. However, this has nothing to do with the main building. The main building of the historic Ankara Railway Station is under the ownership of TCDD and is being used by TCDD. “ In other words, “grant”, me granting ”is not in question.”

Sengil also said the process was carried out two years ago.

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