Koreans and Chinese for Canal Istanbul in Turkey!

Channel Istanbul
Channel Istanbul

The countdown for Kanal Istanbul tender has started! Korean and Chinese companies are in Istanbul for the build and operate transfer model in Kanal Istanbul! talks with the Koreans and the Chinese mega-project for Turkey's new Istanbul Channel to do! Who will take the tender? The latest situation in Kanal Istanbul…

Countdown has started for Kanal İstanbul project! The tender process for the Kanal Istanbul project, which President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has determinedly focused on, is starting. Korean and Chinese companies came to Istanbul for Mega project Kanal Istanbul. Koreans and Chinese Channel in Turkey to Istanbul! How will the tender process work? Will the channel be built by Istanbul, South Korea or China?

We announced in our previous news that the tender process for the Kanal Istanbul project, which is vital for Istanbul with a new alternative to the Bosphorus, will officially begin on 30 August 2019. Large firms from China and Korea for Canal Istanbul project, arrived in Turkey!

South Korea or China will take the channel Istanbul? Channel in Istanbul Latest situation!

South Korean and Chinese companies are competing for Kanal Istanbul project. Turkey, Build-Operate-Transfer model will have one more mega-projects. South Korea and China are competing for the Kanal Istanbul project, which will operate with the BOT model!

South Korea is one step ahead for Kanal Istanbul project! Previously, the Koreans have signed many projects, such as the Çanakkale bridge. Many “mega” projects were implemented in the Korean-Turkish partnership. At the moment, the channel seems closer to the Koreans in Istanbul.

What Does Kanal Istanbul Project Promise?

With the İstanbul Kanal Istanbul z project, many armored-heavy warships, especially those belonging to Russia, will pass through the “Kanal bırak and stop posing a“ threat için for Istanbul. Domestic and foreign ships will also use Kanal Istanbul and Istanbul will be a safer, more calm metropolis. (the Boxerdergi)

Channel route in Istanbul
Channel route in Istanbul

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