Karamürsel Semetler Bridge Completed

karamursel semets bridge completed
karamursel semets bridge completed

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality continues to work to ease the transportation of citizens living in the villages. In this context, the bridge and connecting roads constructed by the Department of Science Affairs are being constructed on the alternative road between Karamürsel district center and Semetler Village. The distance between the district center and Semetler Village will be shortened by 14 kilometers.

In order to make the transportation between Karamürsel and Semetler village more comfortable, insulation was manufactured and paving work was carried out at Karamürsel Semetler Bridge. Auto railing and pedestrian railings on the bridge for security purposes have been completed. Completed with the selfless work of the Metropolitan Municipality teams Semetler Bridge, road lines were drawn to the use of vehicles and pedestrians.

After the completed Semetler Bridge, the construction of the concrete road from the bridge to Semetler Village was started. 800 meter length and 6 half meter width will be poured into the concrete road, 780 cubic meters of concrete will be poured. This amount will be made to the sides of the road stormwater V channels will rise to a thousand cubic meters. While the 500 meter of the concrete road is being built so far, the entire road is planned to be completed within the next week.

Within the scope of the project, two span 2 meter long river bridges were constructed with 1 sides and 60 middle legs. In addition, 310 meter road construction, 3 thousand cubic meters of excavation work, thousand cubic meters of ready-mixed concrete and 300 tons of ribbed reinforcement steel were used.

Within the scope of the project, thousand 100 tons of asphalt pavement, 858 meter forecile and 765 square meter curtain were produced. In the project, where the rain water infrastructure will be established, connection road was built at 350 meters. 16 30 meter precast beams were placed on the bridge legs.

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